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Everyone believes something, either in the existence of higher powers or the lack thereof, perhaps in the spirits that dwell around us, an almighty deity above, or an all powerful one below. Here you will find the various recorded beliefs, for your enjoyment and viewing pleasure.

We do have a few rules for placing things here though.

  • Follow the pre-defined structure
  • Do not under any circumstances remove or change entries except for your own
  • No bragging, name-calling or mud-slinging. On your religion page, you can say whatever you want to say. On this index list, keep it clean.
  • Your realm should be sorted by it's short name. We understand that you like the long name, but that would shuffle this list FAR too much. That would mean you use the following order:
[[Church of Keplerstan|The Church of the Order]]
[[Devout of the Holy Isles|Devout of the Holy Isles]]
[[The Path|The Path]]
[[Way of the Bob|The Divine and Holy Way of the Bob]]
Understand? Cool.
  • There's no official rules on how you name your religion's page though, and they don't need to be sub-pages of this one.
  • Make sure your religion page has [[Category:Religion]] at the end so it's categorized properly.
  • A small blurb about your religion is fine. If it's too long, the wiki staff will remove it.

Alternatively, you can find the system generated list at: Category:Religion.


  • Aldar - The All-Consumer, Eater of a Thousand Gods, Horror of the Darkness!
  • The Black Road - A religion believing in total predermination and the absence of the gods.
  • The Greater Gods - A pantheon being established in Ariamis and the south
  • The Path - "What is the shape of life?"
  • The One God - "Thanks be unto The Eternal One for his unspeakable gift".
  • Trinity - Revering the gods through the facets of Destruction, Preservation and Change.
  • The Unbound Pantheon - A vast pantheon encompassing the gods (Bound) and the things that made them (Unbound).