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In a game like Might & Fealty, basically anyone with a friend can form a realm, so this page will include those realms that someone thought were worthy of being placed here. We leave it up to your discretion to determine what level of realm yours ranks as, but just remember, if you over-evaluate your realm, you may suffer the consequences in-game (along the same lines of calling your two region domain an empire).

We do have a few rules for placing things here though.

  • Follow the pre-defined structure
  • Do not under any circumstances remove or change entries except for your own
    • Unless it's a realm that no longer exists (i.e.: has no holdings on the map, or no nobles within it)
  • No bragging, name-calling or mud-slinging. On your realm page, you can say whatever you want to say. On this index list, keep it clean.
  • Judge yourself as far as which section your realm fits in. Sure you can put yourself higher then you deserve, but your reputation will only suffer worse for it once people find out.
  • Your realm should be sorted by its short name. We understand that you like the long name, but that would shuffle this list FAR too much. This means you use the following order:
[[Erstes Imperium|Erstes Imperium]]
[[Fading Isles|The Fading Isles]]
[[Forest Hold|The Resplendent and Munificent Duchy of Forest Hold]]
[[Lumen|Duchy of Lumen]]
Understand? Cool.
  • No, this list is not limited to just Major Realms. Even subrealms can be listed here.
  • With rare exception, subrealms should not be considered "Legendary" or "Majestic".

Also, there's a totally neat, system-generated, alphabetized version of this list available here. The same goes for Fallen Realms.

Alternatively, you can get that by Baronies, by Counties, by Marches, by Duchies, by Principalities, by Kingdoms, or by Empires.

Legendary Realms

For those Major Realms that have vast holdings, have withstood the test of years to still stand strong, or are renown for some other perilous feat

  • The Kingdom of Ascalon - Starting as a fledgling Kingdom in the corelands, over many years Ascalon has forged itself into the largest realm in history. Under its Regency, the Kingdom of Ascalon is more unified in purpose than ever before, and is famed for its wine and honourable history.
  • Erstes Imperium
  • The Republic of the Grand Fate of the Fading Isles - Born out of a civil war in the Fading Isles, the Grand Fate is the third largest realm in the known world, and is the only one to be organized, to some degree, as a republic.
  • Hawks - Formerly an independent march within, and a leading realm of, the Grand Fate, it has split off, and is now quite likely the most militarily powerful realm in the world.
  • Rathgar - While no longer quite as powerful or unified as it once was, its previously dominating military will not be easily forgotten. More commonly, "Rathgar" commonly refers to the area in the northern Corelands.

Majestic Realms

While not quite as awe-inspiring, these are Major Realms that have earned a reputation of some degree. They've typically survived a great war or two, or control considerable territories.

  • Archonian Dominate - vast Principality in the south east, ruled by the council of Archons in the wake of the empty throne.
  • Ariamis - At its height, Ariamis was one of the largest realms in the world, which fractured into pieces shortly after its ruling family fell to slumberblight.
  • Beal's Song - The southernmost of the clans in Rathgar.
  • Elysium - A realm formed out of the fracturing of Ariamis after its ruling family succumbed to slumberblight.
  • North Spear - One of the Largest Clans in Rathgar.
  • Sarantian Empire - Borne out of the reorganization of the Archonian_Dominate under a new Empire, Sarantium holds dominion over a vast realm in the southeast.
  • The Stoned Lands - One of the Largest Clans in Rathgar.
  • Tetsuyama - An Asian inspired realm, formerly a Principality within Ryne, which it over took when the old royal family fell into slumber. Situated over the Regions/Appala Mountains
  • Valinor - Independent Kingdom in the North it held the largest city in the world to date .

Great Realms

Realms that are maybe not world-renown can be found here, locally though, it's likely that even distant neighbors may have heard of them.

Notable Realms

While maybe only known by their neighbor's neighbors, these are still realms worthy of note.

Other Realms

Typically smaller, newer, or less notable, every other realm should be listed here