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Rathgar is one of the first three realms of Might & Fealty, creating during the games initial Guided Start phase, alongside the Fading Isles and Erstes Imperium.

Official Description

Rathgar is a realm of simple and hard folk. The harsh climate causes the inhabitants to be hardy and independent minded, but gain the trust and loyalty of the inhabitants and you have a strong friend to stand with you in the shield wall.

The land has villages and town, the folk long since having learned that city life need not be a terrible curse, it still contains a large fraction of mortal freeholders in the wilder lands. Mortals respect First Ones, but First Ones are also expected to earn that respect. Woe befalls the First One that assumes his ancestry alone makes him worthy to lead free warriors into combat.

Customs of Rathgar

Forged by the harsh climate and brutal wars, several customs have evolved that bind the clans. Woe to the one breaking these - and as they are handed down by word of mouth the clans themselves are endlessly fighting about whether burning down half of a clanholding in retaliation to a raid three generations back is customary or not. So woe to the outsider trying to either understand, conform to or break these customs....

  • Homelands: The ten founding clans of Rathgar each claim 5 settlements as their homelands - and agree that while raiding them is permissible (under certain cirumstances only...), they may not be conquered by another clan.
  • Guestright: A noble arriving at any settlement in Rathgar may claim guestright for the time of two weeks. He is then to be allowed access to the settlement, to be feasted and - most importantly - defended as if he would be a member of that landholders family (ooc: I have added the 'defended' part by myself as otherwise the guestright would not have much meaning. If this goes too far, this part can be removed. Same goes for the 'Two weeks'). In return the guest is required to aid in the defense of the settlement - and he is honorbound not to act against the interests of the landholder while a guest.
  • Stain of the Nith: From the words of a sage: 'There are two kinds of people. There are the members of the folk, who choose to be inside the law, and there are other creatures who choose to be outside the law, the nithings. If you are a lawful member of the folk, then you have the protection of all laws and customs. If you are nithing, then your word is worthless, no pacts of any sort can be considered binding with you, even when vowed in the name of the most revered of gods, and the law does not touch you, either to hinder or help you. If you are outside the law, there are no fines or judgments waiting for you. Those are for lawful folk. You are a wolf howling forlornly outside the walls of town, perhaps to be ignored, but also fair prey for any in mankind who choose to hunt your hide.'
  • Clanwar: A main clan, having none above it may war another main clan. If two clans war, no other may interfere, no matter the size of both warring clans.

Heartlands of the Clans of Rathgar

MF-homelands 14-04-11.jpg

Notable Persons

  • Zakath Eirikson - First King of Rathgar

Notable Events

1-01-1 - Rathgar was Founded.
1-19-1 - Gothi Zakath calls all clans to the first Althing in Kaupang
1-22-1 - Rathgars forces arrive in the south