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There are, at times, things that may be called a realm or claim themselves to be a realm but act differently or serve a more specific role. These are what we call Orders. You might know them as Guilds.

We leave it up to your discretion to determine what level of realm yours ranks as, but just remember, if you over-evaluate your order, you may suffer the consequences in-game.

We do have a few rules for placing things here though.

  • Follow the pre-defined structure
  • Do not under any circumstances remove or change entries except for your own
    • Unless it's a order that no longer exists--this can be tricky because some exist solely in the shadows
  • No bragging, name-calling or mud-slinging. On your order page, you can say whatever you want to say. On this index list, keep it clean.
  • Judge yourself as far as which section your order fits in. Sure you can put yourself higher then you deserve, but your reputation will only suffer worse for it once people find out.
  • Your order should be sorted by it's short name. We understand that you like the long name, but that would shuffle this list FAR too much. This means you use the following order:
[[Blades|Knightly Order of the Blades]]
[[Order of the Dark Star|Order of the Dark Star]]
[[Night Guard|Republic Night Guards]]
Understand? Cool.

Also, there's a totally neat, system-generated, alphabetized version of this list available here. The same goes for Fallen Orders.

Legendary Orders

Exceptional Orders

  • Schola Roseni - A college of scholars dedicated to the study and research on the science of the arcane, and lost technologies of the first ones.

Great Orders

Common Orders