Baronie von Niedertiefland

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Baronie von Niedertiefland

Highest Positions
Baron Alphonse "the Fish" Peisson

9 (Y16 W49)
6633 (Y16 W49)
11 Sq Leagues (Y16 W49)
4 (Y16 W49)

The Baronie von Niedertiefland was originally created on the 4th Day of the 38th Week of Year 15, as a holding of the Principality of Südostland, a March at the time, and granted to House Peisson under the rulership of Alphonse "the Fish" Peisson..


The Baronie von Niedertiefland is the southernmost holding in Südostland, sharing borders with both Ascalon and Suaralis. Niedertiefland is comprised of harsh scrublands and grasslands with a relatively low level of fertility. The lands surround the regionally powerful fortress-town of Sudenbourg. The harsh lands and rugged people have seen some growth under the surprisingly administrative hand of Alphonse Peisson. However, lacking resources and with challenging agriculture, times are generally rough.

Historically, Niedertiefland is encompassed of the Southern Südostland fortress of Sudenbourg, as well as the surrounding estates.


Niedertiefland was one of several small realms to rise out of the ashes of the Margraviate of Requiem and the nascent Südostland. Following the model of Südostland, Niedertiefland was originally composed of a variety of relatively unscrupulous or uncouth individuals willing to work hard to prove themselves worthy of opportunities. The "noble" members of Niedertiefland found themselves in strong support of one of the then-Emperor Asón Anum's favorites, Adal L'stei.

The Barony controls the southern most components of the renascent Requiem, including its old capital, Vis Requis; now Sudenbourg. After securing the wasting lands surrounding the fortress-town, Alphonse and his vassals went to work building the realm from little more than dust. Emperor Asón Anum seemed to grow a bit mad and more than a bit suspicious of all of those around him, and so most of Sudostland found themselves preparing for a possible war against the Emperor himself, or Ascalon were they dragged into such an impending conflict.

Instead, Asón Anum succumbed to slumberblight. For his hard work and with the support of his vassals, Adal L'Stei would become Emperor-Elect of a significantly more unified Western Confederation. Niedertiefland and Alphonse Peisson alike can claim a great role in this; a role for which Alphonse Peisson was rewarded with the title of Marquess of Requiem.

Notable Members

  • Alphonse "the Fish" Peisson