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Hello! And let me be the first to thank you for taking an interest in making this Wiki into an even better Wiki!

I am Andrew and I manage the day-to-day running of this wiki, and to make things easier for you, I've thrown in a lot of neat things to make things work more smoothly. Of course, fighting the spam bots is always a long, arduous battle, but I'll handle most of that myself.

Editing Alterations

For your editing enjoyment though, there are a few things setup that make things different from how they might be at other Wikis.


The first of these is {{DISPLAYTITLE:Your Title Here}}. This little bit of magic allows you to setup titles independent of the page URL. This can get a little confusing, but we believe the gain is worth it. That said, it does follow all sub-paging rules, regardless of the title.


Given the nature of the game, it's origins, and who made it, we've added a couple interwiki links to make things a bit easier. These will allow you to direct link to BattleMaster Wiki pages and BattleMaster User pages directly, in wiki syntax without the regular URL. To use them simply type as below:

These follow all regular wiki-syntax linking rules so you can use a "|" to make them display differently. For instance: [[bmwiki:Perdan|Perdan (BMWiki)]] becomes Perdan (BMWiki).


If you have any suggestions for things to add or how we might do things differently, don't hesitate to ask.