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Messages in Might & Fealty are one of the few areas of the game where magic is involved, as explained by the Tale of the Lendan Stones.

Parts of a Message

Messages are broken down into three parts, which will appear depending on whether or not this is a new topic or conversations.

  • Subject - This is the topic of your conversation, and will not appear for replies to other topics.
  • Message Body - The meat of your discussion, this is the message you actually intend to send, and will always be available.
  • Recipients - This is who will receive your message, and is only an option for new conversations.


Every message is part of a conversation. These are basically convenient ways of grouping messages, like topics on a forum or threads in e-mail. Conversations have a topic or subject to help you sort things, and participants are set on the conversation, not for each individual message.

Conversations in Might & Fealty will always have an original topic and list of recipients, both determined at the beginning of the conversation by whomever initiated it. There are also special conversations that are restricted to specific realms, from which people or added removed automatically.

Furthermore, conversations can be split into sub-topics, which will have their own topic as well but shall inherit the recipient list of the original conversation.

New conversations can be started between your characters and anyone they have previously been in a conversation with (even if they did not participate) and anyone that is in interaction distance. This can be expanded to anyone in spotting distance with a Herald.

Markdown Syntax Peculiarities

Unfortunately, the messaging syntax can be kind of tricky to understand, so we're going to cover as much of it as possible.

Line Breaks

If you want to just break the line up into smaller lines
like we just did here. All you need to do is add two spaces to the end of the line.


If you want to include a bullet or number list in your message, you must break the paragraph by having atleast one blank line between your last line of text.

That said, the lists (bullets and numbers) do not mix. If you attempt to mix them at all, it will break. You must separate these lists by atleast 1 blank line.

Number List Quirks

If you attempt to skip numbers, the markup syntax will auto correct them. If you have two number lists following each other without some other text between them, it will make them a single list.

For example, the following:




Will become:





Headers work as intended, but the in-game markup syntax mentions a header 3, which has been not been proven to exist or function as intended.


We are pleased to report that emphasis, strong emphasis, and extra strong emphasis work as explained in game.

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