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Non-fighting members following a noble character around are given the summary term entourage.

Most of these people expand the options and available actions in the game for you. Like soldiers, an entourage is trained at settlements and can be assigned to others as well.

Two entourage members do not give you new options, but simply increase a property, which means that recruiting several of them also increases the benefit you gain. For other entourage members, you usually want a low number, basically one to secure you the option and one or two as reserve.

Types of Entourage

There are, at present, nine different types of Entourage, and two of which are presently useless (Priest and Spy).

Camp Followers

These form the baggage train of your army and increase the amount of supply available on the road, especially food.

Requires: A Settlement.


Heralds extend the area you are allowed to send messages to your spotting distance (rather than your interaction distance).

Requires: School


Merchants reduce the cost associated with Trade Agreements.

Requires: Market


Priests handle the management of elections in realms. Creating a new election will remove one priest from your entourage, and the lack of them will prevent you from starting a new election.

Requires: Temple


Prospectors prepare detailed reports on the economic situation of a settlement.

Requires: Library


Trained in the arts of reading and writing, documentation and a dozen other arts and techniques that a proper noble cares little about, the scholar can at times be useful to gather and sort information and old documents.
His main use is to discover more about the history of people and places.

Requires: School


Usually a fleet-footed peasant with good eyes, the scout will search the nearby area for anything unusual, notifying his noble of any finds.
Scouts increase your spotting range. The more scouts you have, the farther away you notice details of the land and other characters.

Requires: A Settlement.


Spies are versatile experts in subterfuge and information gathering, allowing you to infiltrate an enemy (or friendly, if you are so inclined) settlement and gather details about its military or political status.

Requires: Academy


A scribe trained in foreign languages, the translator allows you to send messages to nobles who do not speak or understand your language. One translator is enough, though you can choose to have more than one, just in case.

Requires: School

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