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Currently, the only thing you can bring back from a dungeon is experience and gold. Even so, gold currently has not yet found a use.

To obtain gold, one goes about plundering treasures inside the dungeon, preferably after the monsters have been dealt with (since monsters will attack you each turn they live). You can of course try to snipe the treasure away from your partymembers and it isn't uncommon to random a plunder action when idling, but this is a practice that gets treated as fishy as it feels. Multiple people plundering the same treasure often results in a close to equal split of the loot, but plundering a treasure alone (or in group) does not guarantee depleting that treasure. You might have to dig in a few times. It is also possible that if you get knocked out in the dungeon, you will only keep 1/3rd of what you looted.


Currently lackluster in description and surrounding information, traps are often set on treasures. When sprung, they deal a (very high) amount of damage.

They can be spotted through scouting, although no action (to our knowledge) is readily available to disarm or avoid them. Yet when stuck in an area with a trapped treasure, you either have to leave the dungeon altogether or spring the trap on purpose to progress. Possibly, springing the trap with multiple persons results in less overall damage, but this has not yet been confirmed. At any rate, it has been heavily hinted that there is a way of dealing with traps that has not yet been discovered/tried/explored.

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