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Dungeons are inhabited by a large variety of monsters. Depending on the dungeon type, you will encounter homogeneous groups of the monsters indigenous to it. For example, eagles reside in ruins but you will obviously not find them dwelling in caves.

Group sizes can vary depending on how deep you have progressed into the dungeon and the monster type. Some monsters like bears are often found alone, while bandits are usually encountered in packs. Regardless, a monster group is always homogenous, in the sense that it can only contain a single monster type. However, a single area can contain several groups of different monster types.

Each monster is characterized by the following properties:

  • Name, an easy to remember and identifiable naming
  • Description, the lore and usually visual properties that describe the monster
  • Dungeon Type Affinity, indicating in which dungeon types the monster can be encountered
  • Class Keywords, classifying the monster according to some properties
  • Danger, a numerical measure indicating a currently unknown offensive property of the monster, likely related to its attack power
  • Resilience, a numerical measure indicating a currently unknown defensive property of the monster, likely an equivalent for hit points or defense

It is currently unknown what the last two properties actually indicate, but the higher the number the more dangerous.

List of Monsters

Name This is the class of the monster. Types of Dungeons
This field is used for the description of the monster. Danger Level Resilience Level


Arachnid animal, melee cave, ruin, dungeon
These are not your typical household spiders, these are monsters. The small ones are as big as a cat, the large ones rival a wolf, and all of them have a thick exosceleton, fangs, spider webs and everything else that ensures you will have nightmares about them long after you have escaped. If you escape. 6 9


Bandit human, melee cave, ruin, dungeon
Human outlaws hiding from a world that wants to see them hanging. They can have a variety of weapons and armour and can be dangerous enemies as they know the territory and consider it their home. Especially in larger groups, they can be quite dangerous. 7 4
Bandit Archers human, ranged cave, ruin, dungeon
Human outlaws hiding from a world that wants to see them hanging. These bandit archers sport a variety of ranged weapons as well as some secondary weapons and light armor for melee combat. They can be dangerous enemies as they know the territory and consider it their home. Especially in larger groups, they can be quite dangerous. 6 2
Bandit Boss human, melee, alone or small groups cave, ruin, dungeon
Human outlaws hiding from a world that wants to see them hanging. These outlaw leaders add experience and better equipment to the mix, making them quite formidable opponents. Since they know the territory and consider it their home, you should expect dirty fighting and trickery. 10 12
Barghest monstrous creature, melee fighter cave, dungeon
At first glance, the barghest looks like a large, dirty wolf. But if you get closer, you understand he is nothing like a wolf. These creatures are hunters of beasts twice their size, their teeth are like daggers and their hide is thick. They are covered in scars and legendary for being able to take a full sword blow and yet remain standing. 12 15
Bears animal, melee, alone or small groups cave, wilderness, ruin, dungeon
Taller than a human, much stronger and easily angered, bears are not to be underestimated. They may be a bit slow, and prefer to live alone, but their strength is legendary and they can be quite brutal. 7 5


Crazy Man human, melee cave, ruin
Something has driven this man insane, and he is not to be argued with. He will attack on sight with whatever he can find, sticks, stones or bare hands. Best to put him out of his misery. 3 2


Dire Bats animal, flying cave, ruin
Dire bats are more than just large bats, they also have fangs the size of small knives and they are not only unafraid of humans, they seem to enjoy human blood as a meal. Attacking from the air, they can be quite difficult to hit. 5 4
Dire Wolves animal, melee fighter, prefers to live in packs {{{dungeons}}}
Dire wolves are more than just bigger wolves, they are also incredibly aggressive and much tougher. Their thick skin is used as leather armor by some tribes, provided you can actually slay such a beast. 8 8


Eagle animal, flying wilderness, ruin
These giant eagles can grow to a surprising size, and hunt sheep, deer or even cows for food. They can be quite a match even for a well-armed First One, especially if encountered in groups. When they swoop down on you, take cover. 6 5


Fire Beetle Swarm animal, swarm animal, poisonous cave, wilderness
A swarm of fire beetles, each one the size of a mouse and with a poisonous bite that makes wounds feel as if they burn. These creatures can cause a surprising amount of pain for their small size, and you never meet just one. 7 4


Snake animal, poisonous cave, ruin, wilderness, dungeon
Some are small, some weigh more than a human and are several metres long. Many are poisonous, making them even more dangerous. Snakes love damp, dark places and can be a nasty surprise for anyone not expecting them. 4 1


Troglodyte monstrous creature, melee cave, wilderness
One of the strangest creatures of the wild, a troglodyte looks like an unholy crossbreed between a human and a lizard. They have a basic humanoid shape, but ash-grey reptilian skin, a salamander head and a lizard tail. They do not appear to possess more than basic intelligence, not do they communicate with more than grunts. As enemies, they are very dangerous as they can attack with claws and bites at the same time, and sometimes make use of clubs or other primitive weapons. 19 15


Wildcat animal, prefers solitary or small groups, stealthy wilderness, ruin
Tiger, leopard, lion, panther, lynx - who can spot the difference? These cats are big, agile and dangerous. They are faster than many other animals and they are predators that combine stealth and speed into a package that should not be taken lightly. 5 2
Wolves animal, melee, packs cave, wilderness, ruin
Wild canines that are excellent pack-hunters and highly territorial. As much as one wolf is not very dangerous for anyone with a sword and armour, a pack of wolves is back news even for the well-equipped. 4 2

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