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Finding the dungeon is only the beginning of the journey. The dungeoneer needs to utilize a variable skillset to explore, clear and plunder a dungeon.

The Concept of Dungeon Turns

To accommodate several players investigating a dungeon as a party, their actions in the dungeon need to be synchronized. To prevent an active player to run away with all the loot, or likewise to face all monsters alone, turns offer a buffer of time for all party members to decide which action to take. The length of turns generally vary between half an hour and a fixed maximum amount of hours, depending on how fast all party members select an action.

The maximum turn time depends on the number of party members, but is at least 8 hours. When this time pon which all selected actions are resolved and anyone who did not pick an action gets assigned any available random action instead. The 'Leave' action is not considered for this, but currently any other (regardless of rarity of the action or usefulness) can be applied.

How to Get Actions

You start off your life as a dungeoneer with a predefined set of actions. It is the same for everyone: Leave, Scout, Fight, Plunder and Rest. (It is possible a 'Wait' action is in the making)

You will notice that all of these actions are 'common' in rarity and have a number associated with them, indicating the available use count for that particular action while you are in the dungeon. Using the action will decrease the use count. Currently, the only way to regain a use of an action while in the dungeon is by using the 'Rest' action. Leaving the dungeon resets the use counts for all actions.

Upon leaving the dungeon, depending on your contributions to the effort (such as killing monsters) you can gain through experience a combination of the following:

  • Improving an action
  • Learning a new action


A list of known actions, incomplete at this point as many aren't discovered yet:

BandageuncommonPatch up wounds on yourself or another dungeoneer, healing one wound.
Better Trap DisarmuncommonRemove a trap from a treasure, unless you are very unlucky and trigger it.
Burning BarrelrareLight a barrel of oil and throw it at an enemy, burning every monster in a group severely.
Burning KeguncommonLight a keg of oil and throw it at an enemy, hitting every monster in a group.
Careful StrikecommonTime your attack carefuly, improving your chance to hit.
Distract AnimalsuncommonDistract a group of animals, preventing them from attacking.
Excellent ScoutuncommonA more solid scouting action, counting double.
Excellent RestrareRest for a while and regain three random actions.
FightcommonBasic attack against monsters.
Good RestuncommonRest for a while and regain two random actions.
Killing BlowrareA massively powerful attack that will fell all but the worst enemies in one strike.
LeavecommonExit the dungeon with whatever treasures you have found so far.
Minor HealinguncommonBandages, herbs, alcohol to clean, and the skill to use all that can heal two wounds on yourself or someone else.
Major HealingrareSome medical knowledge and maybe a touch of magic, and you can heal three wounds on yourself or someone else.
One-Two-ThreerareA quick flurry of three attacks, each just slightly weaker than a normal blow.
PlundercommonSpend time plundering whatever treasures you have discovered.
PowerblowcommonAttack monsters with a powerful blow, doing double damage.
RestcommonRest for a while and regain one random action.
ScoutcommonSpend time scouting the current area. The more dungeoneers scout at the same time, the more everyone will find out.
Simple Trap DisarmcommonAttempt to remove a trap from a treasure. If you are unlucky, it will trigger.
Sure Strikeunknownunknown
Stealth StrikeuncommonAttack a monster without being seen by it.
SweepuncommonSweeping attack against creatures that dodge and evade your blows.
TwinstrikecommonAttack monsters, hitting twice.
WaitcommonDo nothing for a moment.
Weak StrikecommonWeak attack, maybe good enough for smaller enemies.
Wide SwinguncommonSwinging widely, this attack hits up to three targets in the same group.

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