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In Might & Fealty, there is an extensive list of structures that can be built, with 45+ be able to be constructed within your settlements. This page will briefly go over all of them. For information on region features and roads, please see this page. This page will describe all structures, and list any requirements, units, and provisions, if there are any, sorted into: Needed Buildings, Requires (Resources), Allows (Buildings), Provides (Entourage, Training, & Equipment), and Bonus (Resources).


Merging the knowledge of the university and the practical experience of the greatest military minds creates the great academy, where new strategies and tactics are discovered.

  • Needed: Garrison, Mason, University
  • Requires: 25000 Work Hours, 10000 Wood, 500 Metal, 50 Goods, 100 Gold, 9000 Population
  • Allows: Royal Mews
  • Provides: Spy


Usually set at the edge of the settlement, the alchemist is always expected to blow up spectacularily, but in reality most of his experiments are far less dangerous or spectacular. While much of the research done here is of questionable quality, there is the occasional poison or interesting substance discovered.

  • Requires: 12000 Work Hours, 2000 Wood, 250 Metal, 100 Goods, 150 Gold, 1000 Population
  • Allows: University
  • Bonus: Goods, Gold

Archery Range

A reserved spot with targets and some wood walls to catch misfires. A place for archers to train and learn how to draw, aim and fire. Required if you want to train any kind of archers.

  • Needed: Bowyer, Training Ground
  • Requires: 6000 Work Hours, 1000 Wood, 100 Metal, 400 Population
  • Allows: Archery School
  • Provides: Training for Shortbow & Crossbow

Archery School

The famous longbow requires more extensive training than other ranged weapons and the archery school offers just that, adding more versatility and greater ranges to the archery range.

  • Needed: Archery Range, Carpenter
  • Requires: 10000 Work Hours, 1500 Wood, 150 Metal, 600 Population
  • Provides: Training for Longbow


A specialist creating all kinds of armor for your soldiers, the armorer combines cloth, leather and metal into some serious protection.

  • Needed: Blacksmith, Leather Tanner
  • Requires: 10000 Work Hours, 4000 Wood, 500 Metal, 800 Population
  • Allows: Armory, Heavy Armorer
  • Provides: Scale Armour, Chainmail
  • Bonus: Goods


Also known as an arsenal, the armory is a storage location for weapons and armors where they can also be kept in shape, organized and handed out quickly and efficiently. It is required for major fortifications.

  • Needed: Weaponsmith, Armorer
  • Requires: 10000 Work Hours, 3000 Wood, 500 Metal, 1000 Population
  • Allows: Fortress


A fortified building that can store valuables and treasures, as well as provide money-lending services and even issue special bond notes that can be exchanged for gold at some other banks.

  • Needed: Library, Merchants Quarter, Temple, Mason
  • Requires: 20000 Work Hours, 2000 Wood, 4000 Population
  • Bonus: Gold


Housing and living rooms for soldiers, allowing full-time professional soldiers.

  • Needed: Guardhouse
  • Requires: 12000 Works Hours, 3000 Wood, 200 Metal, 300 Population
  • Allows: Garrison
  • Provides: Training for Swords, Scale Armour, Horsemen, and Short Swords


Forge, anvil and loud noises - the blacksmith turns metal into tools for sale and simple weapons to equip soldiers.

  • Requires: 10000 Work Hours, 3000 Wood, 400 Metal, 250 Population
  • Allows: Mine, Weaponsmith, Armourer
  • Provides: Axes, Pike, Spear
  • Bonus: Goods


A specialist craftsman who builds bows, crossbows and other personal ranged weapons.

  • Requires: 8000 Work Hours, 1500 Wood, 50 Metal, 200 Population
  • Allows: Archery Range
  • Provides: Shortbow, Crossbow, Longbow


Any kind of advanced wood workings require a carpenter, especially larger buildings whose frames are made of intricate wooden constructions.

  • Requires: 9000 Work Hours, 2000 Wood, 100 Metal, 60 Population
  • Allows: Archery School, Fairground, Garrison, Mine, Town Hall, Wood Castle, Wood Towers, Wood Wall
  • Provides: Shield
  • Bonus: Goods


The ultimate in defensive constructions, the citadel is the envy of kings. This brutally massive construction is all but impenetrable and shrugs off even determined and well-equipped invaders.

  • Needed: Fortress, Master Mason
  • Requires: 1,500,000 Work Hours, 25000 Wood, 4000 Metal, 1500 Goods, 2500 Gold, 6000 Population

City Hall

A large public building housing the administration as well as rooms for courts, archives and other essentials of an organized city.

  • Needed: Town Hall
  • Requires: 25000 Work Hours, 10000 Wood, 250 Metal, 5000 Population
  • Bonus: Gold

Dirt Streets

More solid and reliable streets within the settlement allow for better travel and are required for some heavy transports and the buildings that require them.

  • Requires: 5000 Work Hours, 40 Population
  • Allows: Paved Streets, Stone Castle, Market
  • Bonus: Goods, Gold


A larger and more permanent place of trade, the fairground allows for extensive trade and barter as well as special events which bring in traders from far away places and through trade increase the local wealth.

  • Needed: Carpenter, Market
  • Requires: 10000 Work Hours, 500 Wood, 1200 Population
  • Allows: Merchants Quarter
  • Bonus: Food, Wood, Metal, Goods, Gold


Very few lords can afford the construction of one of these massive fortifications. A fortress is a reinforced stone castle with additional defensive and offensive constructions. It can be held against all but the most overwhelming attacks with but a modest force.

  • Needed: Armory, Paved Streets, Stone Castle, Mason
  • Requires: 500,000 Work Hours, 20000 Wood, 2000 Metal, 1000 Goods, 1000 Gold, 4000 Population
  • Allows: Citadel


A permanent heavy building to meet the needs of professional soldiers, from housing and gathering areas to weapons and armor storage as well as a permanent reserve that can be called out at short notice.

  • Needed: Barracks, Carpenter
  • Requires: 15000 Work Hours, 4000 Wood, 300 Metal, 400 Population
  • Allows: Town Hall, Academy
  • Provides: Training for Broadsword, Chainmail

Great Temple

The largest and most impressive religious building, often a place that the faithful travel to from far away. Provides living room for its many priests and servants.

  • Needed: Paved Streets, Temple, University, Master Mason
  • Requires: 50000 Work Hours, 8000 Wood, 500 Metal, 5000 Population
  • Bonus: Gold


A small house for the guards and soldiers of the settlement to gather and store their equipment, allowing for the training and recruitment of some basic soldier types.

  • Needed: Training Ground
  • Requires: 8000 Work Hours, 2000 Wood, 100 Metal, 200 Population
  • Allows: Barracks
  • Provides: Training for Pike, Leather Armour, Shield, Javelin

Heavy Armorer

A highly skilled Armorer capable of crafting the finest armor known.

  • Needed: Armorer
  • Requires: 12000 Work Hours, 6000 Wood, 1000 Metal, 4000 Population
  • Allows: Royal Mews
  • Provides: Plate Armour
  • Bonus: Goods

Leather Tanner

A basic craftsman who turns animal hides into leather and simple leather products.

  • Requires: 8000 Work Hours, 2000 Wood, 100 Metal, 200 Population
  • Allows: Saddler, Armorer
  • Provides: Leather Armour
  • Bonus: Goods


Storage place for books and manuscripts of both holy and secular importance.
This building is also required to create your own publications.

  • Needed: School, Temple
  • Requires: 15000 Work Hours, 2000 Wood, 50 Metal, 50 Gold, 600 Population
  • Allows: Bank, University
  • Provides: Prospector


A place for merchants and local farmers to buy and sell their products. A market improves trade and local economy, giving a slight boost to wealth.

  • Needed: Dirt Streets
  • Requires: 5000 Work Hours, 500 Wood, 250 Population
  • Allows: Fairground
  • Provides: Merchant
  • Bonus: Food, Wood, Metal, Goods


A basic craftsman, the mason is required for stoneworks and buildings made of stone.

  • Requires: 9000 Work Hours, 2500 Wood, 150 Metal, 80 Population
  • Allows: Bank, Fortress, Merchants Quarter, Paved Streets, Stone Castle, Stone Towers, Stone Walls, Temple, Town Hall, University, Academy, Master Mason

Master Mason

The most advanced masonry techniques of the age are known only to a select few craftsman.

  • Needed: University, Mason
  • Requires: 12000 Work Hours, 4000 Wood, 250 Metal, 100 Gold, 4000 Population
  • Allows: Citadel, Great Temple

Merchants Quarter

An entire section of the settlement dedicated to trade and commerce, housing warehouses, an exchange, market places and guild houses.

  • Needed: Fairground, Paved Streets, Tailor, Mason
  • Requires: 25000 Work Hours, 2500 Wood, 3000 Population
  • Allows: Bank
  • Bonus: Goods, Gold


Wind or water mills turn grain into flour, enhancing local food production. The miller usually takes a part of the grain for himself as payment, which makes him both well-off and disliked in most places. Nevertheless, the mill is a lot faster and less manual work than manual grindstones.

  • Requires: 14000 Work Hours, 2000 Wood, 100 Metal, 100 Population
  • Bonus: Food


Ore and other valuables need to be dug up and that is what the miners do inside a mine. Greatly enhancing metal production, the mine improves the creation of metal-based goods, weapons and armors.

  • Needed: Blacksmith, Carpenter
  • Requires: 20000 Work Hours, 4000 Wood, 100 Goods, 100 Population
  • Bonus: Metal, Gold


The most primitive type of fortification, a palisade is very useful against wild animals and roaming bandits, giving the inhabitants of a settlement a feeling of security.

  • Requires: 25000 Work Hours, 3000 Wood, 400 Population
  • Allows: Wood Wall

Paved Streets

Paving the streets of the settlement allows for better transport especially with wheeled vehicles. Even more importantly, it makes travel more independent from weather, and is necessary for some large-scale constructions.

  • Needed: Dirt Streets
  • Requires: 20000 Work Hours, 500 Population
  • Allows: Fortress, Great Temple, Merchants Quarter, University
  • Bonus: Goods, Gold

Royal Mews

Larger and with more experienced breeders and trainers than the regular stables, the royal mews allow for the breeding and training of the rare and valuable war horses, massive steeds who won't panic in battle and will under a capable rider trample down an enemy.

  • Needed: Heavy Armorer, Saddler, Training Ground, Academy
  • Requires: 25000 Work Hours, 5000 Wood, 250 Metal, 5000 Population
  • Provides: War Horse


A specialised craftsman who creates saddles, stirrups, bridles, reins and other gear for horses and carts.

  • Needed: Leather Tanner
  • Requires: 8000 Work Hours, 2500 Wood, 200 Metal, 250 Population
  • Allows: Royal Mews, Stables
  • Bonus: Goods


A government-sponsored place of learning for a select few pupils will provide more educated people. It also provides and distributes knowledge, making more refined work flows and buildings possible.

  • Requires: 15000 Work Hours, 2500 Wood, 100 Metal, 100 Gold, 300 Population
  • Allows: Library
  • Provides: Herald, Translator


A small place of religious worship, often maintained by the locals and without a full-time priest.

  • Requires: 5000 Work Hours, 1000 Wood, 10 Metal, 50 Population
  • Allows: Temple
  • Bonus: Gold


The stables house and breed horses for both work and battle.

  • Needed: Saddler
  • Requires: 10000 Work Hours, 3500 Wood, 100 Metal, 200 Population
  • Provides: Horse

Stone Castle

Stronger and larger than a wooden fortification, the stone castle is a powerful defensive structure that an enemy can neither conquer nor destroy without siege weapons.

  • Needed: Dirt Streets, Stone Towers, Stone Wall, Wood Castle, Mason
  • Requires: 300,000 Work Hours, 6000 Wood, 1500 Metal, 200 Goods, 500 Gold, 2000 Population,
  • Allows: Fortress

Stone Towers

Made of stone, these towers can be built higher than those made of wood, and are almost impossible to destroy except with the strongest siege technology.

  • Needed: Stone Wall, Wood Towers, Mason
  • Requires: 160,000 Work Hours, 3000 Wood, 1000 Metal, 100 Goods, 250 Gold, 1500 Population
  • Allows: Stone Castle

Stone Wall

A solid stone wall is the symbol of a well-defended settlement. It cannot be burnt down and can only be broken through with massive siege engines.

  • Needed: Wood Wall, Mason
  • Requires: 120,000 Work Hours, 4000 Wood, 500 Metal, 100 Gold, 1000 Population,
  • Allows: Stone Castle, Stone Towers


A basic craftsman providing the peasants with clothes of a higher quality than their home-made ones and also capable of creating large batches of tabards and even simple cloth armor.

  • Requires: 8000 Work Hours, 1500 Wood, 20 Metal, 30 Population
  • Allows: Merchants Quarter
  • Provides: Cloth Armour
  • Bonus: Goods


A large place of religious worship, usually with one or more full-time priests as well as a number of helpers.

  • Needed: Shrine, Mason
  • Requires: 20000 Work Hours, 3000 Wood, 100 Metal, 200 Population
  • Allows: Bank, Great Temple, Library
  • Provides: Priest
  • Bonus: Gold

Town Hall

A public building with room for offices, a public court and other administrative necessities of a growing town.

  • Needed: Garrison, Carpenter, Mason
  • Requires: 20000 Work Hours, 5000 Wood, 100 Metal, 1000 Population
  • Allows: City Hall
  • Bonus: Gold

Training Ground

A large open space equipped for soldier training, allowing the training and recruitment of some basic types of soldiers.

  • Requires: 6000 Work Hours, 500 Wood, 100 Metal, 50 Population
  • Allows: Archery Range, Guardhouse, Royal Mews
  • Provides: Training for Axe, Spear, and Cloth Amour


The highest place of learning available to your people, the university is a center of knowledge and the foundation of some of the most rare and valuable experts.

  • Needed: Library, Paved Streets, Alchemist, Mason
  • Requires: 30000 Work Hours, 15000 Wood, 500 Metal, 100 Goods, 120 Gold, 8000 Population
  • Allows: Great Temple, Academy, Master Mason
  • Provides: Scholar


A specialized craftsman forging weapons. While most of his work is similar to the blacksmith, he also handles some woodwork for handles and uses more advanced smelting and forging techniques to create weapons capable of withstanding a higher amount of stress than the average farm tools require.

  • Needed: Blacksmith
  • Requires: 10000 Work Hours, 4000 Wood, 600 Metal, 500 Population
  • Allows: Armory
  • Provides: Sword, Broadsword, Javelin, Short Sword
  • Bonus: Goods

Wood Castle

An enclosed center of your military, with walls, towers, a guardhouse and fortified defenses. The wooden castle allows for excellent defenses and will hold even against attackers with considerable superior numbers.

  • Needed: Wood Towers, Wood Wall, Carpenter
  • Requires: 80000 Work Hours, 6000 Wood, 400 Metal, 100 Goods, 200 Gold, 1200 Population
  • Allows: Stone Castle
  • Provides: Training for Plate Armour, War Horse

Wood Towers

Adding towers to the fortifications of a settlement allows the defenders to fight back and increases the spotting distance of the settlement, allowing for early warnings.

  • Needed: Wood Walls, Carpenter
  • Requires: 50000 Work Hours, 4000 Wood, 100 Metal, 50 Goods, 100 Gold, 1000 Population
  • Allows: Stone Towers, Wood Castle

Wood Wall

A more fortified and refined palisade, the wood wall encloses the settlement and provides it with basic defenses, against wild animals, bandit and unorganized attackers.

  • Needed: Carpenter, Palisade
  • Requires: 40000 Work Hours, 5000 Wood, 50 Metal, 800 Population
  • Allows: Stone Wall, Wood Castle, Wood Towers

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