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This is the Might & Fealty Wiki, made not only for but also largely by players.
It is a WikiWiki system, using MediaWiki, the same software that powers Wikipedia.

As you can see, there's not a whole lot to this wiki yet, but that can change with your contributions.

Useful Links & Pages

Might & Fealty Website 
A Link Back to the Game's Website
M&F Community Forum 
For conversations between players
M&F Discord Server 
For when you want instant communication
The Might & Fealty Manual
A Comprehensive List of Realms
A List of all the Guilds in M&F
Literally the who's who of M&F
The various player-driven faiths in M&F
World History 
Factual world history, by quarter
Legends and otherwise disputable tales and tid-bits
Upcoming Features 
Accepted feature requests that are on the TODO list
Rejected Concepts 
Not everything makes the cut, for one reason or another