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There are many tales that have been told by the First Ones, some of places long forgotten to the maps, some within the various lines drawn. Others are stories of ancient myths and long forgotten lore. There are no rules on what a legend may entail, as they are simply that, legends. If you're looking for more factual history, we recommend heading over to the World History page.

Just a couple of rules here:

  • If it's something that could be a confusing topic, like a history of first ones for instance, please add (Legend) to the page title.
    • For instance, [[History of the First Ones (Legend)]]
  • Please ensure that all legends are sorted alphabetically. Nothing here should be listed in multiple areas. If you don't think it fits, ask on the discussion page, we'll help you out.


Attribute legends are the hardest to define. They're more about physiological and psychological conditions that define a particular person. These are typically the darkest of the legends.

  • Final Blessing - Known as the Final Blessing of the Gods, a legend about just how old a First One can actually get.

Items & Artifacts

There are many lost relics in the world, and new ones are found almost every day. Perhaps yours is one of them?

Characters & Groups

Typically, these will be tales of legendary First Ones, what they did, and how they managed to attain fame. Be it slaying a dragon, befriending a god, or saving an entire nation from calamity. They can also be about a particular title or organisation.


Society legends will focus on a particular settlement, area, or realm. They'll be about how life was here or there. Or, maybe, how it fell apart in the end.

World & Setting

Sometimes your legends are just simply about how the world was. These are those.

  • Common History - A timeline of events used by at least a few of the players to allow them to synchronize their histories a bit.

Meta Events