Realm of the Asrian People

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Realm of the Asrian People

Highest Positions
Supreme Leader Volvania Dundarion
Grand Protector APO Aradion Etonia
Lower Titles
Lord Aradion Etonia,Volvania Dundarion
3874 Thousand
4.5 Sq leagues


The Asrian Realm was created in the 14th year, 41st week, and 2nd day in the year of the Eternal One.

The Asrian kingdom was reorganized into the Asrian Realm after the fall of Asrian controlled Arrakesh in the south. The remaining leadership fled to the north and vowed to one day come back to their homelands to rid the pagans from their lands.

Only Asrians are allowed to hold titles and climb the social hierarchy. Non-Asrians are excluded from society and are viewed with great distrust. The leadership will pursue diplomacy if it suits them but will mostly take an Isolationist stance.

Protection Force of the Asrian Realm and the Asrian People

Tasked with the protection of the Supreme Leader and the Asrian realm, the Asrian Protection Force actively hunts down anyone deemed hostile to the Asrian realm or could pose a future threat to the Asrian Realm. This newly formed organization consisting of only Asrians are usually given the best equipment in the realm and are dominant in Asrian politics.

The Order's motto is In the sight of One, We rule All!