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Iungard is the both the ducal seat of The Free Duchy of the Isle of Iuna and also the name used to refer to the area that Iungard exerts direct sovereignty over. It has been under the direct care of the Calinus Family since the city's and realm's inception. For a couple years after the Gods War it held the title of "Most Fortified Settlement West of the Imperium", though after more realms grew into their own this title passed on to another.


Officially, Iungard maintains close relationships with the Duchy of Mercia


While not quite centered on the isle of Iuna, the settlement of Iungard lies at the center of the three major arteries of the isle: The South Road, the East Road, and the West Road. Historically, these connected the three major ports of the isle with the rest of the Fading Isles. Moving out from Iungard itself, many notice that the local terrain is highly unusual compared to what happens in nature--this is due to the foundations of bulwarks and curtain walls that no longer exist. Scattered in-between the shifts and terrain and beyond up to the forests lie the farmlands of central Iuna.


Iungard is said to be the oldest still standing city in known existence, dating back to millennia before the Gods War began. It was originally founded as an inland settlement along the cliffs of the Iuna river, of the isle of Iuna. As time progressed and the city grew with numerous First Ones, the population center shifted west, eventually centralizing around Iungard Castle. After the Gods War, the disasters that struck during it, and the creation of the Second Ones, Iungard still survived, with the then somewhat ruined structures of Iungard Castle forming a natural concentration point for the locals on the otherwise desolate plain.

Much of the ruin's survival is likely credited to the ancient bulwarks and curtain walls that once protected a city of tens of thousands of First Ones. Even after the Gods War and the apocalypse and rebirth of civilization that followed, the outline and general design of these emplacements can be seen by a keen eye. Iungard is also one of the few locations known to have a population of First Ones