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The Fate of Iuna was one of the last subrealms created during M&F's Guided Start as a part of the Fading Isles. Nearly a year later it lead the revolt against the High King's authority and created the Republic of the Grand Fate of the Fading Isles alongside the realms of Hawks and Mercia. It was also the first realm to have its ruler hold the title of Praesul within the newly formed Grand Fate. Officially, it is a Duchy.

Official Description

The Duchy of Iuna is one of the oldest and longest standing realms in the known world, predating the Gods War by at least a few millenia. It was initially created by order of King Jason of the Fading Isles, thousands of years before he would become High King.

It has always rested under the caring gaze of Duke Andrew Calinus and his personal retainers since its creation. At one point, the Ducal seat of Iungard was considered a true Citadel, a feat of construction even during the golden years of the prior civilizations.

The name of Iuna, of which the isle, duchy, and river share their name, have been as such since time immemorial. It is rumored however, that a complex and vast network of caverns and ancient dwellings reside under the rock that makes up the isle of Iuna.

Since the Gods War it has played a major role in the downfall of the Kingdom of the Fading Isles and the establish of the Republic of the Grand Fate, with its Duke becoming the first Praesul, or Speaker of the Realm, for the budding republic.

Official Positions

  • Duke of Iuna
    Current Holder: Andrew Calinus
    Sometimes referred to as the "Lord Sovereign of Iungard", the Duke of Iuna is the ruling individual of the Duchy of Iuna, a title that stretches back millennia, and quite possibly one of the oldest known titles in existence.
  • Steward of Iuna
    Current Holder: Julia Vera
    Officially appointed by the Duke of Iuna, the Steward of the Realm hold has full authority during any situation in which the Duke is on leave.
  • First Sword
    Current Holder: None
    The First Sword of Iuna is a position equivalent to the title of "General" found in other realms, and it holds full authority over military matters short of the Duke himself.
  • Conflict Sword
    Conflict Swords are granted out to those individuals that take leadership positions in conflicts involving Iuna, both domestic and abroad. It can be granted to individuals leading a particular front, or to those leading the entire conflict (even if they are the second-in-command to the First Sword).
    Current Conflict Swords
    Past Conflict Swords
    Aeslin Alumaani, sword of the Prydhain Conflict and Republic's Resolve
  • Envoy
    Current Holders: Vanessa of Iungard in Ascalon
    Iunan Envoys are, quite simply, diplomats. The only difference between Envoys and most diplomats though, is that Envoys tend to remain in one place longer, fulfilling the roles of both diplomat and liaison between Iuna and a distant realm. Depending on how the distant realm wishes to integrate them, it is within the Emissary's scope to take on oaths or even lordships in distant realms, so long as they do not contradict the will of the Duke of Iuna.

Major Events

4-26-5 - Found the Knightly Order: "Blades of Iuna"
2-4-5 - Created the Grand Fate
2-2-6 - Declared independence from the Fading Isles
1-11-5 - Founded by Jason Lasar as a subrealm of the Fading Isles with rulership granted to Andrew Calinus.