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The House of Rynir is a house with a long history, dating back to the founding of the kingdom of Ascalon. Known to be stark loyalist and allies of the House of Arescod for quite some time. The motto/house words of the Rynir is : "Don't falter." The crest of the Rynir House is an Argant Rampant wolf on a sable field with an Or saltire pattern.

History and Origin

The history of the Rynir in the old ages is largely unknown as the House of Rynir isn't keen on sharing those documents with many. Seeing the positions that they held east of the Bakavis River it is safe to assume that they've held those lands for some time before their contact with the Arescods. Though the first contact wasn't aggressive from either side, the Rynirs weren't instantly submissive to the rule of the other house. It took many negotiations and meetings between prominent members of the two houses before the Rynirs would swear an oath of fealty towards the House of Arescod. Becoming the bannermen, the Rynir started to expand in a quick and aggressive manner. This did bring them in contact with the House of Talonclaw, Le Drakes and Murasaki as a few others.

As the kingdom of Ascalon would grow into a unified realm the House of Rynir would provide capable captains and commanders for her armies. Granted a duchy, led by Aeromar of Rynir, the Rynir were at their peak as they had earned themselves a seat on the Noble Council. With a Duchy, good positions and a prospering family, the Rynirs kept providing their allied houses with captains and keeping both the east and south secured. The son of Aeromar, Gerontis of Rynir, became very close with the ruling king as the two, which led to the fact that both men often relied on each other for advice and comfort.

This prosperity did come to a crashing halt when a slumberblight plague fell upon the House of Rynir. Rynirs left and right would be hit by the plague and panic broke out. The loss of several prominent Rynirs led to the collapse of their duchy, losing their seat in the Noble Council and most of their lands. The only prominent member of the household, Gerontis - known by then as the Grey Wolf, wasn't at home or even in Ascalon. Ventured on a journey of his own, this reduced the remaining Rynirs to become small lords of several unimportant estates. Their tasks were mostly to ensure that the capital of Ascalon would receive a good amount of food, wood and goods to support its growth and wealth.

The return of the Grey Wolf saw the rise of the Rynir, however, again. Though not taking the formal position of leadership - instead stating his desire for Austine of Rynir, his daughter, to become the head of the House - he would inspire the remaining Rynirs to strive to work hard to earn their losses during the slumberblight plague.

Current Relations with other Houses

*House Arescod

The ties between the Rynir and Arescod travels back to before the founding of the Ascalonian kingdom. Loyalist and supporters of the royal house, they have been shedding blood and bleeding for the Arescods as they've been raised with this 'tradition'. Though Ascalon isn't being ruled at the moment by an Arescod, this doesn't diminish the loyalty of the Rynirs towards their allies.

* House Talonclaw,

Ever since the founding of the Ascalon the relation between the House of Talonclaw and Rynir has been a friendly one. Exchanges between Gerontis, back then the lord of Rynaros, and Helm, back then lord of Olveston, saw to it that the two houses would remain friends over the years. Even with the Rynirs suffering heavy losses thanks to the Slumberblight plague the friendship between the two houses hasn't decreased.

* House Le Drake

Though both Houses remained quite friendly, they weren't that close. Just before the House Le Drake would fall to a slumberblight plague it became public that a certain connection between the Rynirs and Le Drakes had been born. Austine of Rynir was born to Isolde Le Drake and Gerontis of Rynir. Born as a bastard she was eventually legitimized by King Roran of Arescod.

*House/Clan Murasaki

The relationship between the Rynirs and the Murasaki family was a more personal one. Gerontis of Rynir/The Grey Wolf was a good friend of Turant Murasaki. A friendship that started when the Rynirs started to expand rapidly towards the east in an effort to secure a good perimeter for the fledging kingdom of Ascalon. Trade and personal friendship saw to it that it became more of a tradition for the Rynir to regard the Murasaki family as allies - in the same spirit that they do the Talonclaws.

*House/Clan Vilnar

During the peak of the Rynirs they came into contact with the clans in the Vilnar lands. Managing to convince them to join with Ascalon the two factions kept contact afterwards. Some Vilnars even traveled to Rynaros to become pupils of the Grey Wolf and they traveled with him on his journey. They are considered loyal allies and friends by the Rynirs.

Current Members

* Gerontis of Rynir, also known as the 'Grey Wolf'.

Son of Aeromar and Adele of Rynir. Gerontis is the currently oldest living Rynir around, serving Richard of Arescod - the grandson of Roran Arescod, Gerontis youth and best friend. Known to be an honest and trustworthy man, Gerontis has built up a small reputation for mentoring several other members of Ascalon nobility. He has fought in several wars, such as the Mali uprising that was supported by House Gorling. Though he isn't one of the youngest noble, it isn't correct to state that pride and martial expertise has dulled with the Grey Wolf. Wielding the Sword of the Wolf, he has proven to be still a fighter to be wary off. In the tournament of Wakesworth, held by Richard of Arescod, he has at least achieved to win a joust against the prince himself. Even managing to hold his ground and defeating Brand of Talonclaw - nephew of Helm Talonclaw, earning a streak of victories so far.

Historic Deceased Members