House of Arescod

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The Noble House of Arescod is one of the many great houses that rules the Corelands.

House Arescod's Coat of Arms

History and Origin

The House of Arescod finds its birth 5593 B.C. when Lord Ulysander of Arescod was born in the valley North-West of the Coi Woods. After a life of service to his liege lord as an unfree minister, a serf providing armed service as a man-at-arms aswell as service as a governor of lands, Ulysander saved his liege lord's life on the battlefield. For this deed he was belted and knighted and raised into nobility, and the House of Arescod came to be. Quickly the fledgeling noble house became known for its combat prowess and military aptitude as great knights followed eachother in the family line. They gradually increased their power and influence over the years mostly through marriage and reward for valiant service during the Age of War.

However, during the Age of Sorrow it is that the House earned its spurs. Living on the very battlefield between the Fading Isles and the Erstes Imperium aswell as that of the Rathgari hordes, death and disaster were commonplace in the lands governed by the nobles of House Arescod. With the death of Lord William of Arescod in 2627 B.C. and Lord Tyvandor of Arescod raising to the throne, their conquest began. As infighting, betrayal, death, destruction and disease spread over the Corelands like a tidal wave, Lord Tyvandor led the House of Arescod to relative propserity. By striking lasting alliances and fighting more cunningly than his grandfather ever had, the House of Arescod rose to prominence in its region. In the waning years of the Age of Sorrow, when Lord Tyvandor has been deposed by internal political affairs, the House gradually lost influence however, and when the Cataclysm occured, along era came to an end.

After the Cataclysm the House of Arescod was shattered, but not destroyed. It was a year after the Cataclysm when they reformed in a shade of their former glory, and began the erection of a Great Kingdom of Ascalon to continue their legacy. As Lord Roran of Arescod, now King of the fledgeling state, expanded his influence and might, the House of Arescod ascended to new heights of glory.

Current Members

King of Ascalon, family head

Born 1841 B.C.

Princess of Ascalon

Born 1837 B.C.

Heir Apparent of Ascalon

Born on 2-19-4

Prince of Ascalon

Born on 5-48-3

Princess of Ascalon

Born on 7-35-6

Deceased Members

5593 B.C. - 5534 B.C.

Lord of House Arescod from 5534 B.C. untill his death. 5535 B.C. - 2672 B.C.

5534 B.C. - 2543 B.C.

Lord of House Arescod from 2672 B.C. - 3 B.C. Died during the siege of Vaiwelion. 4077 B.C. - 7-41-4

Princess of Ascalon. Died at the Second Royal Ascalonian Tournament. 5-53-1 - 7-35-6

3960 B.C.- 17 B.C.

3728 B.C. - 2-17-3

Claimant to the main branch and the Ascalonian throne.

4586 B.C. - 2-16-3

Diplomat of Ascalon. Died during the siege of Vaiwelion. 219 B.C. - 7-41-4

1476 B.C. - 5-27-3

Banished from Ascalon, lord of the Kingdom of Ryne Died during the siege of Vanailion. 1418 B.C. - 3-21-1

  • Daniel Oak, bastard of Robin and Hilaria of Rynir

1-35-3 - 4-31-3

  • Thomas Oak, bastard of Robin and Hilaria of Rynir

Mercenary and pirate raider. 1-37-1 - 5-2-4

  • Andrew Oak, incestuous bastard of Robin and Alanna

2-19-4 - 2-19-4