House de Renais

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The Noble House of de Renais are the royal rulers of the Kingdom of Magvel

House de Renais' Coat of Arms

History and Origin

A small noble family of the area that is now Magvel since ancient times, even when the world was only populated by first ones. Now they rule Magvel, born out of the union and restructuring of Renais, Richelieu, Kvernes Island, the incorporation of Leyonia and the annexation of the southern settlements.

They believe themselves to be a true noble family, remembering their heritage of being lords among first ones long ago before the existence of mortals, before every first one was considered highborn, and celebrate a form of lifestyle that can be called the ideal nobility, and many of them have found an fine art to hone throughout their lives. The family head Frederick de Renais, for example, is quite the accomplished gardener and scholar, Juliette de Renais an exemplary craftswoman, and Nino Alexandre de Renais and Fox a somewhat locally renowned huntsman in his quite plentiful spare time.

Current Members

King of Magvel, family head

Born 482 B.C.

Born 475 B.C.

Born 481 B.C.

Born 24 B.C.

Born 14 B.C.

Born 14 B.C.

Born 13 B.C.

Deceased Members

Former family head until his death, 701 B.C. stabbed in the back

Born 1104 B.C.

Former family head, died at the 3rd siege of Otraems (Now Renneval)

Born 763 B.C.

Born 763 B.C.

Born 759 B.C.

Born 752 B.C.

Born 721 B.C.