House Halfhaven:The Fall of Misthelm

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The Fall of Misthelm

Though their ancestral land was lost House Halfhaven found itself under a new head in the County of Havengate in Ascalon. Here they loyally served their Lords, House Flambard, and sought to make a name for their House.

Due to unbridled insults and bad will from the rest of Ascalon, the Northmen of Misthelm had had enough and decided to formally declare independence from Ascalon. The newly independent Duchy of Misthelm did not last long as they went to war with several of the Lowland Tors over a border dispute to the east (Starfall area). Despite early tactical victories and occupation of the targeted region, an invasion by various members of the Lowlander Confederation eventually led to the defeat and exile of the Flambards from Misthelm. Lords Flambard and Halfhaven left each other amicably with Havengate surviving the Lowland invasion as an independent county and eventually an upjumped Duchy for some time.

After a short period of pure independence, Lord Feanor decided to swear fealty to the Erstes Imperium for protection. However, Lord Halfhaven's personality certainly did not melt with the House of Order which basically ruled the Imperium through Imperator Lann. This eventually led to the sleeping sickness taking the Halfhaven family for some time.