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General History

House Halfhaven was founded on 6-29-3 when Dorian Halfhaven answered the call of Prince Ganthor Vendaran of Arrakesh for honorable knights to join his service. During his service as a knight, Dorian fought several small actions against the Hawks and local bandits. After this short war House Wyvernknight of the Southern Coast offered him lands in their territory. It is there that the ancestral home of the Halfhavens, Port Wyvern (now long since renamed), was constructed. From there the Halfhavens took part in the Arrakesh War of Subjugation against the traitorous Asrians. It is during this conflict that an eternal enmity was born between the Halfhavens and the Asrians for their lack of integrity in failing to follow their oath to Prince Ganthor. The war was won quickly and Dorian Halfhaven personally slew the noble Rodrick Blackmore as he tried to escape the net of Arrakeshi forces. In the years of peace that followed the power of the House waned until the barrier of the Northwest was opened, and Dorian's son Lucan went to the Northwest in search of his own Kingdom. It was during this expedition that Lucan was lost at sea, and once hearing the news Dorian himself was driven to madness and death. After this event before the first day of Year 10 House Halfhaven's holdings in Arrakesh evaporated and members of this House have rarely since been seen in the South of the continent.

Service to Ascalon

In the beginning of Year 8 Fëanor Halfhaven, son of Lucan, awoke from slumberblight and sought to find a noble Lord to serve as Dorian had in days past. To this effect he heard that Duke Caspian Flambard of Misthelm was seeking new knights to serve him. After years of friendship and service a marriage between Lord Halfhaven's daughter Sylvia and Lord Caspian sealed a bond of kinship between the two Houses that holds to this day. Wars with the Lowlands, the Stonedlands, and at times various Tors turned Fëanor from an amiable and hard drinking man into the authoritative warrior he is known as today. During the reign of King Roran's Queen Endymia Fëanor continued his staunch support of Lord Flambard (who in turn was a staunch support of Queen Endymia). It was at this point, after the Tourney of Wakesworth (also known as the "Massacre at Wakesworth" for the unprecedented numbers of noble dead) that relations between Queen Endymia and the leading Lords of Ascalon began to sour. Months of bickering started over small issues and questions about the Throne. Mainly the question of whether Richard of Arescod: trueborn son of King Roran, who now ruled the powerful County of Wakesworth and surrounded himself with a group of favorites to further his political goals, should take the throne as the Arescods before him. In this Fëanor was tested. His son Ancel was squired in the service of Prince Richard alongside Rothrik de Villiers and Lyonell Vintroth among others now forgotten by this House (see Wakesworth Lords for more information). It was through his son that Fëanor first declared his loyalty in secret to Prince Richard instead of the Queen who he felt trampled over the entitled status of the nobility, though she was an extremely accomplished ruler. This put him at odds with his friend and son-in-law Lord Flambard who strongly supported the Queen, perhaps the loudest supporter of hers throughout her reign. Whether Lord Halfhaven would have stuck to his oath to his friend or to his King was never answered. Civil War was averted after the Queen had attacked a random noble entering Arescod. Tensions had been so high that such an attack could be reasonably argued to have been warranted. Instead Queen Endymia decided to step down, rather than destroy the realm she had arguably built.

Concerning The Fall of Misthelm

A factor that many Lords of Ascalon do not take into account regarding the rebellion of Misthelm, and specifically House Halfhaven's support of Caspian is that House Halfhaven was sworn directly to Lord Flambard. Whatever the laws of Ascalon proclaim when an oath is sworn between two men, in the eyes of any Halfhaven, the oath is sworn between the two men only. The North Marches, The County of Havengate, and the Duchy of Misthelm all agreed to secede following the treatment of Misthelm after the ascension of King Richard of Arescod. Rothrik de Villiers and Lyonell Vintroth, in the eyes of Northmen, poisoned the King's ear on multiple issues. The most pertinent one being conflict with the Lowlanders. The Men of Misthelm including the Halfhavens had fought those barbarians for years, protecting the Corelands of Ascalon from more than just wandering bandits. Blood and family had been shed for the Kingdom and yet Misthelm was openly mocked by the other houses. The rest of the Kingdom even threatened to allow Lowlanders to rape the Duchy as they saw Lord Flambard as the wrongdoer.

This miscommunication may have something to do with the fact that no other Lords of Ascalon understood the threat of the Lowlanders like the Northmen of Misthelm did, men who had fought them for years. For the countrymen of Ascalon to abandon Misthelm and legally back Lowlanders was the last dishonor they would bear.

As of the 17th year after the Cataclysm, House Halfhaven serves in Starfall on the eastern border of Ascalon under Fëanor Halfhaven.

Notable Living Members of House Halfhaven

  • Fëanor Halfhaven, Lord of House Halfhaven and Starfall. Wielder of the Gauntlet of Dorian. Father of Dorian the Younger, Sylvia, Paulus, and Ancel.
  • Paulus Halfhaven, Priest of Saint Glaedwine and the Trinity, one time Bishop of Idraei, one time Archbishop of New Idraei.
  • Ancel Halfhaven, youngest of Lord Halfhaven's offspring. Fiery tempered and scornful of his siblings. Served in Ascalon during the time of the Misthelm Rebellion.

Notable Deceased Members of House Halfhaven

  • Dorian Halfhaven the Elder, first of his name, Defender of Arrakesh, Bane of the Asrians and Count of Port Wyvern. Issued the mythological oath of vengeance on the King of the Asrians, Asran I.
  • Caspian Halfhaven, rumored son (also rumored to have been a bastard) of Rosalind Ceres and Dorian Halfhaven II who became King of New Idraei and led the invasion of the northwest. Sired one child, but he and his child were killed following the betrayal of Xodor and the invasion of the Children of Armok.
  • Sylvia Halfhaven, married to Duke Caspian Flambard of Misthelm, sired Alexis and Tristan Flambard. Died fleeing the Imperium during the Ryne-Imperial Civil War. Her line is considered dead.

Tales of House Halfhaven