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In year 16 Hans Rapp, lord of the Companions and Ruler of the Cursed Island sought to regain the title of Protector within Hawks. He had carried the title before falling to slumber in Year 9. Previously the rank of Protector was granted to any whom governed a realm within Hawks. In year 14 the law was changed to require any whom sought the rank to stand before the Four Fathers and be judged. Hans was the first to seek the position since the implementation of the new law.

Role Play

by Hans Rapp on 16-22-2 (January 3, 2018)

Ridiculous situation thought Hans as he approached the door of the Grand Temple, naked as was the Prefects requirement. All he sought was the restoration of his previous rank, a rank he had held without this foolish ritual before. However he had long ago learnt that Prefect Alexios was not given to changing his mind readily so he must endure.

The doors were unremarkable, lacking any sort of ornament or carvings. Not even inscriptions adorned them. Like the majority of Hawks Hold the Great Temple was within the mountain it self, in this case deep within. The doors had been carved out of the mountain, fashioned to replace the solid rock they had once been. There surface was rough and unfinished, yet the fit within the stone wall was close to perfection, when closed one could barely distinguish where the wall ended and the doors began. No hinges where evident, nor and form of lock or handle.

He watched as the Prefect approached the door, placing his hand upon it briefly and then standing back as the door opened towards them.

"Enter now and seek the judgement of the Four Fathers. I shall await the outcome here."

As he stepped past the threshold a cold chill passed over him. Within the chamber the Hawk aesthetic continued, rough cut floors and walls hewn from the very mountain, though he could not see far as the only light sources lead to the dais about 10 meters from the door. The far wall in particular was cloaked in darkness. Still the unfinished nature of the temple was astounding, how could this be the most prominent temple of the second largest empire in the land?

Taking his place upon the dais, he closed his eyes as instructed. “I am Hans Rapp, of a house not blessed by the Hawk. I present myself in order to be found worthy of rank within Hawks, and to find my position within the Eternal Crusade. To the Four Great Father, progenitors of the People of the Hawk do I bear my heart for judgement”

With the ritual speech complete, Hans threw open his arms, bearing his chest has we was told to. For several minutes nothing happened, and he began to wonder just how long he had to remain here before the charade was over. Hans then felt a slight breeze upon his skin, but the breeze was coming from four different directions. He felt it intensify and then cease. He could sense four presences surrounding him. Then suddenly an overriding pain struck his chest. He had been run through by unseen assailants. He could feel his life force slipping from him, the blow must have pierced his heart. As darkness attempted to overcome him Hans did not waste his time with fear or despair.

A trap, he had fallen for a trap. He knew not why Alexios wished him dead, nor did he care. The only thing that mattered was to live, and failing that to exact as great a cost as possible. He gathered his strength, his will and prepared to fight. He reached out to grab his assailant when he fell under assault from another direction. A searing pain engulfed his head as words seemed to form within his mind of their own accord

"How unexpected, it would seem he can hear us"

"Impossible, he has not a single drop of Hawk blood within his veins. Why does your son keep sending these mere First Ones into our presence? We judge those of the blood, not their servants."

"Now brother, you know there are few of the blood left within the world, fewer still within these lands and of those that do survive most are of thin blood. If the crusade is to continue then our progeny must find new ways."

"Impossible or not he hears us anyway, you can not deny it. You can feel that we are within his mind, feel his rage and his attempts to survive. This one does not simply accept his fate as the others did. If we did not restrain him he would strike back at us. He may lack our blood, but he has the mindset required for the Crusade, the will to fight on no matter how lost the cause might be."

"If is simply a matter of blood, perhaps that can be resolved?"

Whatever pierced his skin was removed, he sought to stand, to fight but he could feel another will controlling his body, a will far greater and more powerful then his own, and utterly alien. He was forced to lay upon the dias and felt a liquid fall upon the wound in his chest, at its touch a new pain struck his chest an pain far greater then before.

"If he can survive our blood within his veins I would thing him worthy, do you not agree?"

"You would share our blood? Have we not transgressed against our Father enough?"

"That law is already broken, it can not be restored. Besides what else can be taken from us? What further punishment laid upon our shoulders, we and our children are already doomed."

It was now for the first time Hans screamed as he felt the liquid spread like fire though out his body.

"Well if he is to be ours, we should take some little token then. It is your blood thus he is off your brood. Welcome him as befits a Hawk"

Hans felt pressure upon the middle and ring finger of his right hand before the burning sensation reached his head, and he finally lost his battle with unconsciousness.