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by Taticus Symmachus on 19-38-3 (October 30, 2018 04:37) A matter has been presented to me which requires the attention of the council. As is our custom this discussion is reserved for our Protectors and Elected Peers. Our services have been requested by The Exiles I enclose the letter I have received

by Robin Hood on 19-38-3 (October 30, 2018 01:47) Noted Emperor

I was just about to formerly ask:

We wish to formally hire your services in this regard to reclaim lands taken from The Exiles. Some may call you evil (and well, earlier I resented your invasion of our lands as well), but large realms take advantage of us smaller ones and we have no means to fight back against such odds; so I can see the need of a powerful policing force such as the Hawks to restore the balance, and or neutralise said realm's ambition for the good of all.

I don't mind to wait for aid. You may state which part of those lands you want to keep for payment.

Thus we have three issues to discuss, firstly shall we get involved, secondly what shall we charge and thirdly shall we face off against Ascalon on this matter despite the fact that we are currently in a truce with them.

by Alexander Rolioc on 19-38-6 (October 30, 2018 18:16) We should always accept a contract where the reward out ways the risk. As it seems that we can set the reward in this case I fail to see how we can not accept the contract. I would however suggest that while we may hold territory there in the short term, a long term food tithe would be a more fitting price, say 1000 food. To sweeten the deal we can offer a defense alliance so long as the tithe remains in place, after all we need to protect the tithe.

by Melinoe Ausur on 19-40-1 (November 1, 2018 17:35) We always need more food, and I can imagine any vassal not willing to be beholden or limited to us through food.

How friendly are these people, can we trust them? Would a formal alliance or a mutual defense pact work?

Perhaps we could even marry with them to pull them closer to us!

by Hans Rapp on 19-40-2 (November 1, 2018 18:54)

If the pay is right we should never turn down work. It is not our role to determine the validity of another actions, only to profit from whatever conflict plagues the land. I believe we are have in principal support to march, now it is a matter of details on price and the acceptance by the client.

Perhaps we should take a different approach then we have in the past, let us charge a fee per 100 men that we send north, and let this King of the Exiles determine what we shall field by what he is willing to pay. Previously the end profit has been minimal as we have been involved in long wars that required victory to see payment, this is counter intuitive. People are paying for the lives of our mortals that march to war, it is our job to ensure they fight as required, not to win the conflict.

I believe that a tithe is better then taking land. The end cost is less to the client, and we are not left with land to manage far from home while still bringing the rewards back to our core areas. Let us say they pay us 10 food per 100 men. 100 food will then earn then a force of 1000. The second advantage to this is we redistribute the tithe easily, with a nominal amount going to the Lord that provides the troops and the rest to Hawks proper, say a 50/50 split.

OOC : Mercenary work is still rubbish in this game. I know it is the RP for Hawks, but resources are only useful in perpetuity, and who wants to sign up for a endless tithe for assistance?