Dominion of the Hawks

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Dominion of the Hawks

Highest Positions
Emperor Taticus Symmachus
Peer Council
Protector of Rheged Alexander Rolioc
Peer of the Hawk Anysia "Ara" Tolmiras
Peer of the Hawk Camilla Volsci
216 (Y16 W22 D5)
270k (Y16 W22 D5)
242 Sq Leagues (Y16 W22 D5)
193 (Y16 W22 D5)

Hawks March was originally created during M&F's Guided Start as part of the Fading Isles. Officially it is a March. It later joined Iuna in revolting against the High King of the Fading Isles, alongside Mercia, and became a founding member of The Republic of the Grand Fate of the Fading Isles.

Official Description

When Prefect Alexios first landed in the Isles and swore service to High King Jason, he attempted to re-found the mountain empire of his homeland. As other Elder flocked to his banner and brought their own cultural heritage Hawks has struggled to define itself and its customs.

Now an empire in its own right, the Hawks Military is renown around the world for both the quality of its troops, and the ruthless application of force by its commanders. When the prefect stood down as liege of the realm, his general Taticus Symmachus was elected to take his place. An odd man, sullen and withdrawn since the death of his wife long before the formation of the Dominion, Taticus has overseen a withdrawal of Hawks from the world at large, and favors policies of isolation. The armies of Hawks still march on occasion, to ensure they do not suffer sloth and diminishment, but the aggressive expansion of their holdings under Alexios's rule are no longer pursued.

Notable Members

  • Orion Rhu
  • Fraro Ruhi (Dead)
  • Alexander Rolioc
  • Alexios Eirenikos
  • Taticus Symmachus
  • Ashley Van Valen (Dead)
  • Aelianus Agrippa
  • Anysia "Ara" Tolmiras

Major Events

  • Y12-W39-D2 - Declared war "War of the Black Noose".
  • Y05-W10-D2 - Taticus Symmachus was elected as ruler.
  • Y01-W13-D5 - Founded by Jason Lasar as a subrealm of the Fading Isles with rulership granted to Alexios Eirenikos.

Current Realms of Hawks

Under Hawk law realms sworn to Hawks are divided into two categories, Protectorates and Baronies.


Baronies are under the direct control and rule of the Emperor of Hawks.


A Protectorate is ruled by a Protector a title earned via the Hawk Ritual of Judgement. Protectorates are of equivalent rank to a Kingdom, and are given great autonomy. Of specific note Protectorates may engage in foreign diplomacy and trade.

Role Plays

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