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The Guided Start of Might & Fealty was an initial setup phase for the game where the first three realms (Fading Isles, Erstes Imperium, and Rathgar) were established and initially populated. This allowed future players to have an initial structure of characters and economies to build off of, and areas to start from. The Guided Start ran from 10 February 2014 through 28 February 2014.

First Realms

During the guided start it was intended to have one large realm, and two smaller ones. In order, these would've been Erstes Imperium, Rathgar, and Fading Isles, respectively. However, as the initial players began to join and setup realms, Rathgar ended up having nearly as many players as Erstes Imperium, as well as 18 more characters and 15 more estates.

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