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You can pick any name you can imagine, and it is up to you to make that name synonymous with legend. This, is just a place for you to explain why. We, of course, leave it up to your discretion to determine how prestigious your family is, but just remember, if you over-evaluate yourself, well, I'm sure the rumors will get around.

We do have a few rules for placing things here though.

  • Follow the pre-defined structure
  • Do not under any circumstances remove or change entries except for your own
  • No bragging, name-calling or mud-slinging. On your family page, you can say whatever you want to say. On this index list, keep it clean.
  • Judge yourself as far as which section your realm fits in. Sure you can put yourself higher then you deserve, but your reputation will only suffer worse for it once people find out.
  • Your family should be sorted by it's surname. We understand that you like the first letter of whatever it's called, but that would shuffle this list FAR too unruly. This means you use the following order:
Family of Arescod
Balewind Family
House of Calinus
Kin of Symmachus
Clan of Weaver
Understand? Cool.

Legendary Families

For those families that have had vast, nigh unimaginable holdings, have withstood the test of years to still stand strong, or have a list of feats so long as to be a dream. Names you'd know anywhere as someone.

Majestic Families

These families will have likely held rulerships of the greatest of sovereign realms, and are considered renowned and royalty by realms far beyond their borders.

  • Calinus Family - While they may all have called Iungard home at some point, there are certain wandering elements.
  • House Eirenikos - The founders of the Hawks, fought the dragonic harbringer of doom with the Calinus' help.

Great Families

Likely renowned for a great feat or building something truly impressive, these families should be known more than just within their own borders.

  • House of Arescod - The royal family of Ascalon since it's dawn, an impressive lineage of noblemen.
  • House de Renais - Sovereigns of Magvel, their home is the coastal regions of their realm.
  • House Symmachus - The current Imperial family of the Hawks.
  • House de Villiers - From hired advisor to Regent and elected King of Ascalon, House de Villiers has always been one man and his wits.

Distinguished families

Powerful in their own realms, and even a fair distance away, perhaps high nobles of a powerful realm, or royalty of smaller realms.

  • Ceres Ménage - Settlers and reclaimers of the land lifted under the last Veil, the royal family of not one, but two sovereign realms, Polaris and Idraei.
  • House DeadKing - The Royal family of Asrania, They have held several kingdom titles and also currently hold the Theocratic title of The Eternal See
  • House Halfhaven - Descendants of an Arrakeshi Count, the bearers of House Halfhaven now reside in Starfall in Ascalon.

Notable Families

Barons, Counts, even newer Marcher Lords will likely find their families here. Their realm certainly knows them, maybe even the last realm they went to war with too.

  • House of Rynir - One of the few Houses that founded and supported Ascalon ever since its first day.
  • Clan Diwata - Driven off to the Fading Isles from their native southlands, their rough history has transformed them into a cautiously optimistic house.

Lesser or Unknown Families

All families must start somewhere, and these just haven't quite had the chance to make a mark yet.