The Fading Isles

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The Fading Isles was one of the first three realms created in Might & Fealty. It was founded at the same time as the Erstes Imperium and Rathgar, during the game's initial Guided Start phase.

Official Description

The Fading Isles are a collection of independent island states bound together by the High King for mutual protection against outsiders.

The people of the isles are maritime, fatalistic people with a rich and diversified culture.


The Fading Isles was one of the first three realms created in the game, and was also the only realm to remain controlled by the Game Master Tom. For the most part, the Fading Isles kept to itself, with the exception of a raid on northern Rathgar. At the dawn of Year 2, the Fading Isles broken apart in a civil war that originally started with the banishment of the IMC from the Fading Isles due to them setting up operations on an island to the east that had previously been delcared to be cursed. This created a domino effect that eventually lead to Iuna, Mercia, and Hawks declaring independence and later forming the Grand Fate. On the other side, Prydhain declared support for the banishment and began an inquisition to find anyone else that may have been cursed, while Ras Igilgili opted to stay out of the civil war itself, only nominally retaining their allegiances to the High King.

Subrealms of the Isles

Presently, this is: Ras Igilgili, Prydhain, Red Forest, and Retreat.

Formerly, this also included: Iuna, Mercia, and Hawks.

Notable Persons

Notable Events

1-1-1 - Founded by Jason Lasar.
1-11-5 - Created the Duhcy of Iuna
1-13-5 - Created the County of Ras Igilgili
1-14-1 - Created the Duchy of Retreat
1-14-1 - Created the Duchy of Prydhain
1-14-5 - Created the Duchy of Mercia
1-15-1 - Created the County of Red Forest
1-13-5 - Created the County of Hawks
2-2-6 - Duchy of Iuna declares independence
2-4-1 - County of Hawks declares independence
2-6-5 - Duchy of Mercia declares independence