Erstes Imperium

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The Holy Imperium of Xiye Xi Apos

Highest Positions
Imperator Wilhelm Knatz
Minister of War Vacant
Minister of Law Vacant
High Positions
Grand Magistrate: Vacant
Minister of Finance Vacant
Imperial Chancellor: Vacant
Minister of Intelligence: Vacant
Custos of Knowledge: Vacant
Other Positions
Great Lords
Charles Dalbear, Hugh Marshall
85 Sq Leagus

Current Map


Official Description

The Erstes Imperium was one of the first three realms of Might & Fealty, created during the game's initial Guided Start phase, alongside Rathgar and the Fading Isles. It is an autocratic Imperium with an Imperator that leads at the highest order of authority, Great Lords that serve directly beneath the Imperator, and sub-realms and lords that serve them. The culture is incredibly diverse, with many Houses and noblemen drawing origin from all parts of the world. Yet, all unite under a single leadership, with a committed loyalty for the nation's rule of law and extreme distaste for any that put personal pride above country.

The Erstes Imperium underwent a few reforms and more recently a Civil War that cemented its philosophy and culture. At first, the Imperium was a Realm encumbered with failing bureaucracy and an inward pressure that sought to consume all within it in exchange for political glory and power. It was not until Imperator Aelwyn Kingsley, more commonly known as the Weaver of Broken Threads, took the throne amidst a great war, and reshaped the Imperium and laid the groundwork for what it is today. But following the death of Weaver and the dissolution of the House of Order, the Imperium is rebuilding under Wilhelm Knatz to revitalize the nobility that crumbled following the Civil War.

The Erstes Imperium is located above Hawks and Elysium, to the Left of Eldamar and below Ascalon.

Provectus Tormenta

The Provectus Tormenta was a Holy Order created during the times of the Imperator Weaver of Broken Threads. Its mission was to engage in extra-territorial missions ranging from assassination, destruction, espionage and subversion. It did this for the purpose of the Spiral, which is mentioned in the Aelwyn Mythos. Originally, the Imperium was made up of two other Orders, and the Numbers which supervised them, but has since integrated all of these within itself.

The House of Order - Also known as the 'Numbers'. This was the only Order that operated during the Civil War, and was responsible for defeating the rebellious Dukes against insurmountable odds. The tradition of this Order goes as far back as the Godwars and The Midnight Legion, and though it was part of the Provectus Tormenta, it operated independently towards purposes unfathomable to many, and in the Hierarchy of the Provectus Tormenta, the House of Order was the highest authority although they very rarely, if ever, exercised this right.

The Great Lords

The Great Lords of the Imperium are individuals who owe allegiance directly to the Imperator. They are usually Dukes, or some times Counts who have proven capable at leading men and their respective settlements to prosperity, as well as being loyal to the Imperium. Given their status, they hold much political clout and are just below the Imperator within the Hierarchy.


Notable Persons


  • James Crawford - First ruler of the Erstes Imperium.
  • Bann Aerinia - First Emperor of the Erstes Imperium. Fell to slumberblight until the Imperial Civil War. Died during the Battle of Gahlen.
  • Luca Sartori - First Empress of the Erstes Imperium. Began the restoration of the Imperium after years of darkness and division. Saw to the establishment of duchies that exist even to this day.
  • The Weaver of Broken Threads - Imperator that restored order to the Imperium as it was in the days of the Dae Vala Xiye. Died after recklessly attacking the enemy outside the walls of Tharsis during the Imperial Civil War, having passed down his Imperium to his successor, Martyn Lann.
  • Martyn Lann - Past Imperator of Erstes Imperium.
  • Wilhelm Knatz - Current Imperator of Erstes Imperium.


  • Imperator - Wilhelm Knatz
  • Imperial Chancellor
  • Imperial Minister of War
  • Imperial Minister of Intelligence
  • Imperial Grand Magistrate
  • Imperial Minister of Law
  • Imperial Minister of Finance
  • Imperial Custos of Knowledge

Imperial Law

In an attempt to usher forth a society of law and order, after the Erstes Imperium's many years as a loosely divided confederacy of noble Houses, Imperator Martyn Lann released a set of Mandates and Fundaments upon which the Imperium would be ruled. Many of the original Mandates are rumored to come from the days when the Imperium had been known as the Dae Vala Xiye.

Notable Events

  • 1-1-1 - Realm Founded.
  • 1-17-6 - Bann Aerinia elected as Emperor by a summit of the Dukes of the realm.
  • 6-13-3 - Luca Sartori has abdicated and handed control of the realm to Weaver.
  • 7-55-1 - Imperial Civil war is declared.
  • 8-39-1 - Martyn Lann takes the throne after Weaver is killed at Tharsis.
  • 14-37-1 - Much of the south-east Imperium rises in rebellion under the banner of Ryne, which the House of Order puts down fairly quickly.
  • 15-8-2 - The House of Order vanishes, and with it the structure of the Provectus Tormenta
  • 15-16-2 - Wilhelm Knatz is elected as Imperator by a summit of the nobility within Erstes Imperium.
  • 15-16-5 - Wilhelm Knatz restores Lumen under the leadership of Charles Dalbear

(Further dates to be added)