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The Novus Principus Doarhus is a southern realm composed primarily of hills and forests.


The Old Principatus

Not much is known regarding the foundation of Doarhus. Æva Monton planted the roots of the realm, but soon passed the principality to Suliman Slade, whose family briefly ruled and expanded Doarhus. The majority of the estates of the realm were held by the Slade dynasty, who began the construction and development of the Doarhine settlements.

The New Principatus

Upon the arrival of Erysine Greys to Southport, she began a bid for control of the town. The Slade family met her at the gates and unceremoniously passed the rulership of Doarhus, along with all their estates within and outside of the realm. With this act, the New Principality, or the Novus Principus, came into ascendancy.

The Reformed Principatus

After the Greys dynasty fell to slumberblight, Flaochad Rathering was elected the new ruler of Doarhus. This state is currently in the process of re-organization.

Structure and Governance

Doarhus is governed as a principality, whose nominal capital is the town of Malham Moor. The Prince or Princess is the foremost ruler of the Principus, assisted by various members of government.

The Prince

The Princeps Senatus, or Princeps Civitatis, is the sovereign ruler of the Principatus Doarhus. The Prince or Princess holds such position from ascension throughout the rest of his or her life. The title is not inheritable, least by vote of the members of the Senatus.

The Senate

The Doarhine Senatus is composed of the rulers of the noble houses under the Principatus Doarhus. They wield great influence over the affairs of Doarhus, and decide matters in assembly, under the guidance of the Princeps.

The Tribune

The Tribune is appointed by the Prince or Princess, he has the responsibility of organizing the legislative efforts in the Senate, maintaining records of its discussions and decisions, and presiding it when the Princeps Senatus (Prince) is unavailable.

The Consul

The Consul is in charge of maintaining order within the Principatus Doarhus. He supervises the military efforts, specially in times of peace, including the local militia within each estate and the mobile armies of the equites of the realm.

The Praetor Peregrinus

The Praetor Peregrinus are the diplomats of the realm. These are assigned a single realm to communicate with, and is charged with maintaining and improving diplomatic relations with other realms.

The Quaestor

The Quaestor is charged with managing the resources of the empire and to ensure taxes are collected.

Laws of the Realm

Current Laws


  • I. There is a flat tax in food, half of which may be given in another resource using a fixed modifier. Rates and modifiers are to be announced.
  • II. Tax rate is 50 food for thin scrublands, 75 for scrublands, 100 for forests and thin grasslands, and 125 for grasslands
  • III. Wood multiplier is 2, Metal Multiplier is 2.


  • I. Capital located at Malham Moor.
  • II. Government type is Principate.
  • III. Each noble house receives four estates, each receiving a senate seat.

Chronology of Legislation

  • I. Land will be divided so there are eight noble houses, each with four settlements. (enacted 6-48-5 (August 5, 2015 05:30))
  • II. The capital is declared to be Malham Moor. (enacted 6-48-5 (August 5, 2015 05:30))
  • III. There is a flat tax of food, with up to half being given in another resource using a fixed modifier. (enacted 6-48-5 (August 5, 2015 05:30))
  • IV. Political Structure has been declared a Principate. (enacted 6-48-5 (August 5, 2015 05:30))
  • V. Nomenclature declared to been free choice of the nobility. (enacted 6-48-5 (August 5, 2015 05:30))
  • VI. Doarhus will remain an autonomous, free state. (temporary, enacted 6-48-5 (August 5, 2015 05:30))
  • VII. Tax rates set as 50 food for thin scrublands, 75 for scrublands, 100 for forests and thin grasslands, and 125 for grasslands. Wood multiplier is 2, Metal Multiplier is 2. (enacted 6-52-5 (August 11, 2015 22:33))