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Clan d'Serrai was one of the first subrealms created during the game's Guided Start phase, as a part of Rathgar. It is now a subrealm of North Spear

Official Description

The scholars agree that history as we view it began in the North with the arrival of the clans. One of them, the d'Serrai did settle on the northern bank of the Martana.
At that time only the old gods knew whether this clan would forge a position of strength in these wild lands or whether its name would be forgotten.

In the very beginning, while the first longhouses were erected, friendships were wrought with the Bastur, the Valinor and the Skloddings. Thus western Rathgar should know an initial period of peace...

Notable Persons

  • Sakkan d'Serrai: First ruler of Clan d'Serrai. Did hand the ashen rod to his son:
  • Tan d'Serrai: Second ruler of Clan d'Serrai. His rule did begin once the clan had arrived in the lands of Rathgar and the first clanholdings had been established.

Notable Events

1-3-6 - Founded by Zakath Eirikson as a subrealm of Rathgar with rulership granted to Tan d'Serrai.
1-9-6 - Once the clan did expand beyond its homelands, the 'Outer Clandlands' were founded.