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Arguably one of the oldest families in the world, regardless of which way you count the days, the Calinus family has over the decades shaped history in ways that may not always have been readily apparent.

Almost entirely believers in the Unbound, though the precise patron diety varies, the family itself has found itself scattered across the world. It's most well known for its late leader, Andrew Calinus, who built the family (and arguably, half of the known world at the time) up after the Cataclysm and the end of the Gods War. As the Duke of Iuna, originally under the sovereignty of the Fading Isles (Realm), Andrew Calinus lead the rebellion against the High King that ended up forming the Republic of the Grand Fate of the Fading Isles. He then became its first Praesul, or speaker of the realm, and guided it as it expanded to include the remaining isles, and several parts of the mainland.

After his death in combat, fighting to maintain the sovereignty of a now long dead realm, his daughter Vanessa assumed his positions, being elected to the position of Praesul within the Republic, as well as inheriting his positions in Iuna. She then saw tot he reformation of the Republic in order to increase the pariticipation of the regular nobility.

The Family At A Glance

The Major Families
The Calinus Family is sometimes used to refer one of two major dynasties, as well as sometimes the extended families that support them in their causes. Whether the two sides actually get along, tends to depend on the situation and individual goals.
Andrew's Line Evelyn's Line
Andrew's line, sometimes referred to as the "Iungard House of Calinus", or the "Evaron Branch of Calinus", tends to be the side of the family that wields more political power and its full political power extends across most of the isles and many of the coasts beyond. Evelyn's line, on the other hand, tends to be smaller, though it could be said they occupy other positions of importance in realms far more diverse than just Iungard and her allies. Her line is sometimes referred to as the "Evelyn House of Calinus" or the "Ilanosi Branch of Calinus".
Iungard Support Dynasties
House Areavus House Ventrovius House Vera Shergal Family Tulan Family Trigeras Family
One of the oldest and most trusted families in service to the Iungard line. A house of generals and swordmasters that have long been at the sides of Calinus, Iungard or no. Originally part of the legacy Empire of Hawks, in the First Age, now trusted hands of Iungard. Longtime friends of the Calinus household, it was their work that built up the economy of Iungard. A cadet house of Ventrovius, they serve in many trusted roles. One of the younger major houses to serve Iungard, they tend to have a lust for travel.
Garron Clan Everette Family Agaroth Family Von Clan
One of many houses to claim they are from the City of Iungard. One of many houses to claim they are from the City of Iungard. One of many houses to claim they are from the City of Iungard. One of many houses to claim they are from the City of Iungard.