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The Kingdom of Ascalon

The Kingdom of Ascalon is a realm of the second generation of realms, those created right after the guided start of Might & Fealty. It can be vaguely identified as a blend of several European realms, with clear English, French influences, aswell as some similarity with the Holy Roman Empire.


Founded by the House of Arescod, The Kingdom of Ascalon is populated by a civilised folk. The lush and densely forested area they live in allowed them to develop nicely and due to the Kingdom of Rathgar to the North and the Erstes Imperium to the South aswell as the Fading Isles in the West they grew into a relatively cohesive folk. They are very loyal to themselves and value their independance highly.

The First Ones who rule over the mortal peasants in this area share a large feeling of unity and are separated in several large noble houses with good relations to eachother. While the mortals obey the First Ones, they do not want to have too much to do with them either. They are seen as protectors and rulers, and are respected because they uphold the independance of the people.

Ascalon has a civilised culture in which tradition, honour and prestige are important social currencies. They uphold the values of knighthood and have a clear morale of what is and what is not acceptable. Because of this they are not a tremendously warlike people, but they have a quite militaristic attitude because of their vulnerable position between the Kingdom of Rathgar and the Erstes Imperium.


Notable Persons

  • King Rothrik de Villiers - King of Ascalon
  • Duke Lyonell Vintroth - Duke of Falconreach

Notable Events

  • 1-29-5 - The Kingdom of Ascalon was founded by Roran of Arescod.
  • 2-5-5 - Rowland of Arescod assaults King Roran in the streets of Arescod, claiming he is the true heir to the throne.
  • 2-10-1 - The Kingdoms of Ascalon, Ariamis and D`Hara engage in a defensive alliance.
  • 2-14-3 - King Roran weds Lady Margaretha of Fenwald in Arescod, and converts to the Trinity.
  • 2-16-3 - King Roran beheads the claimant ser Rowland of Arescod.
  • 2-19-4 - The Duchy of Mali rebelled against Ascalonian rule.
  • 2-25-6 - Was defeated in the Mali Rebellion against Ascalonian rule.
  • 3-19-6 - The Duchy of Sunsear is gifted to Ascalon by Alumnia.
  • 3-34-3 - The Kingdom of Ascalon joins the Great Northern War on the side of House Stonedman together with the Kingdom of Westernesse.
  • 3-40-6 - Participated in the Great Battle of Limoroux, emerging victorious with heavy losses.
  • 3-49-2 - Emerged victorious in the Great Northern War.
  • 5-23-1 - Led the Coalition against Fiona.
  • 5-24-4 - Emerged victorious in the Coalition war against Fiona.
  • 5-27-2 - Became a Founding Realm of the Knightly Order of the Blades.
  • 5-40-1 - Engaged in an alliance with the Kingdom of Eldamar.
  • 5-40-1 - Engaged in a defensive alliance with the Grand County of Renais, the Northern Isles and Mercia.
  • 6-10-2 - Declared the Ascalonian Reconquest of Western Rynir on the Erstes Imperium.
  • 6-15-3 - Emerged victorious in the Ascalonian Reconquest of Western Rynir.
  • 6-15-3 - Engaged in an alliance with the Kingdom of Erstes Imperium.
  • 6-38-4 - The Ascalonian-Stonedland Border War begins after Ascalonian troops destroy a bandit stronghold across their Northern border.
  • 6-48-4 - A status quo peace was achieved after the Ascalonian-Stonedland Border War with the Stoned Lands.
  • 6-53-6 - The unending fight against the Void began.
  • 6-54-4 - Queen Margaretha of Fenwald was murdered by Duke Abel of Venant at the royal marriage between Princess Alyss of Arescod and Duke Karas Kommagene of the Erstes Imperium, who escaped the realm after which he was formally banished.
  • 7-30-1 - The Second Royal Ascalonian Tournament begins.
  • 7-35-6 - Princess Catherine of Arescod died during the Second Royal Ascalonian Tournament.
  • 7-41-4 - Lord Tyvandor of Arescod and Lord Sander of Arescod have died during the siege of Vaiwelion.
  • 7-42-1 - The Second Royal Ascalonian Tournament is won by Baron Seddick Van Ness of the Black Flag.
  • 8-41-3 - The House of Arescod is nigh-eradicated in a disastrous sequence of events, and Queen Endymia Cindai, wife to King Roran I ascends to the throne.
  • 10-36-3 - Queen Endymia Cindai cedes the throne to Queen Kohakuren of Cindai after rumour of rebellious barons.
  • 10-43-2 - Queen Kohakuren of Cindai marries Prince Richard of Arescod.
  • 10-52-3 - Queen Kohakuren of Cindai dies, and Richard of Arescod becomes the undisputed monarch of Ascalon
  • 11-25-1 - The Duchy of Misthelm secedes from Ascalon
  • 11-29-6 - King Richard of Ascalon succumbs to slumber
  • 11-32-1 - Duke Brand Talonclaw is elected as the Regent of Ascalon
  • 11-37-1 - The settlement of Arnheim is taken by Grand Fate nobles under the banner of Fairshore, leading to the Arnheim Conflict between Ascalon and the Grand Fate
  • 11-40-1 - Regent Brand Talonclaw dies outside Arnheim in battle against Fairshore nobles, leaving Duke Bard Talonclaw as the new Regent
  • 12-15-2 - The Arnheim conflict comes to an end, with the Arnheim Treaty being signed between Ascalon, the Grand Fate and the Farran Marches
  • 12-27-5 - Duke Rothrik de Villiers becomes Regent of Ascalon
  • 12-29-2 - The Duchies of House Markson and Muras are formally dissolved, with their lands being put under administration
  • 12-40-6 - The Order of the Silver Stag is established
  • 12-40-6 - King Richard of Arescod, after a return from the slumber, disappears in pursuit of a new life as a knight
  • 13-5-6 - Grandmaster Vernon du Poitiers is slain by rogues, bandits and mercenaries near Bordeleaux, causing uproar across Ascalon
  • 13-26-1 - An ultimatum is issued by Ascalon to Tor Nidsik, The Tor's refusal of the ultimatum causes the initiation of the Havengate Campaign
  • 13-31-5 - Pivotal battles are won by Ascalonian forces at Starfall
  • 13-36-4 - The Siege of Havengate is concluded, and the ruins of the old castle are recaptured by Ascalonian forces
  • 13-43-1 - The last Lowland stronghold in Misthelm is captured by Ascalonian forces
  • 13-49-5 - Ascalon emerges victorious in the Havengate Campaign, formally signing peace with the Lowlands with the lands of the former Duchy of Misthelm being returned to Ascalon
  • 13-59-5 - A large group of rogues under the guise of the Dark Forest Brigands launch a surprise assault against Arnheim, yet are thwarted and massacred by a relief force of the Talonguard
  • 14-8-5 - Punitive strike against the Dark Forest Brigands is concluded with the destruction of their remnants at Flambardmawr
  • 14-52-3 - Ascalon mobilises five thousand men to intervene on behalf of their allies in the Eldamari Civil War
  • 15-10-2 - The Second Alliance of the Kingdom of Ascalon and the Erstes Imperium is signed, and with it the city of Slumberstone is returned to Ascalon alongside the former region of Soren
  • 15-23-1 - The Lordship of Strenvale joins the Kingdom of Ascalon
  • 15-41-5 - Ascalon signs a full alliance with Iungard, replacing the older defensive treaty signed years before
  • 15-49-4 - The Ascalonian alliance with Mercia is reaffirmed
  • 16-30-3 - Rothrik de Villiers becomes the King of Ascalon



Ascalon on 1-37-1.
Ascalon on 1-53-1.
Ascalon on 2-14-3.
Ascalon on 6-29-2.
Ascalon on 7-42-3.
Ascalon on 13-10-1.
Ascalon on 14-53-1.
Ascalon on 15-23-1.