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After the death of his parents, Ganthor Vendaran vowed to forget his noble roots and live as a vagabond and explorer. In keeping with his vow, he broke all ties with his family and disappeared.

Decades later, Ganthor returned, with a host of strange foreigners around him and two children of his own. He has returned with a singular purpose. Setting aside the vow from his youth, Ganthor formed a kingdom in the wild south. Its purpose is to provide a sanctuary for a people from a far away land - the Arrakesh - and await the arrival of their mysterious Queen.

The Asrian Subjugation

This history is as recorded by Dorian Halfhaven directly during the war.

Prior to this conflict Arrakesh, The Kingdom of the Asrians, and Doarhus had been secured in a defensive alliance. The first and only test of this treaty came when the Duchy of Hawks (Subrealm of the Grand Fate) had raided Asrian lands. Though they spoke of an ulterior (and justified) motive, none came through to the Arrakeshi nobility. In response, Prince Ganthor marshaled his forces to march in glorious battle against the invaders. While an early skirmish was won, it is worthy to note that the Hawk's military was superior in both numbers and equipment. Arrakesh was determined to continue its resistance until the Hawk's would call for peace. The conflict only continued for several more weeks until peace was negotiated. The Hawks had been impressed by their defiance and signed a defensive treaty as well as supplying several hundred troops to the Arrakeshi military.

Within Arrakeshi courts there was much talk of expansion, in particular uniting the South into a unified (and centralized) front. To do this Arrakesh was to be made into an Empire. The sudden crowning of such a powerful position stirred dissent among some of the more conservative nobles, but all followed Lord Ganthor unquestioningly as was their duty. The first step to unite the South would be to absorb the small but fierce Kingdom of the Asrians. Through negotiation, it was done. King Asran DeadKing bent the knee to the new empire of the south, the Southern Convocation.

However, Asran II DeadKing, heir to the throne was in fervent opposition to his father's decision. He saw it as a virtue to desire his people's "freedom" at all costs. Theories inside the Arrakeshi court decided that it was his own ambition, or instead actually his father's which drove him. In any case, it was not long until he had left Arrakesh with an expeditionary force to establish his "own kingdom." To most with any sense, this was an obvious ruse. Asran II had no lands, meaning he must have been backed by his father. Despite all of this, Lord Ganthor still only declared war on Asran II's Kingdom of Eternal Light since he had invaded Doarhus, who was allied with Arrakesh. There was still hope that perhaps King Asran had no part in his son's treachery, but it all became clear once he declared independence.

In reality, there was little chance the Asrians could ever hold out against the might of the Southern Convocation. Asran II's forces were crushed quickly in Doarhus, and then the full might of the South turned against the Asrians. Within a month or two all significant Asrian forces had been destroyed, with only a few strongholds still holding out under siege. The DeadKing family was wanted for treason, as well as most other major Asrian noble families.