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While Might & Fealty is a game with a perpetual history system, there are limits to how easily things can be explained in game (especially with the relatively lack of libraries at the moment). In the meantime, we have this page, which can also include things that would be incredibly hard to describe in-character!

Please be advised, this page is for factual reports only. If it's disputed, or contradicts something on here, it'll get removed.

Year 8

Still ongoing

Year 7

7 September 2015 thru now (estimated)

The northwestern part of the map was opened along with the rest of the islands. The entire map was open at this point.

Year 6

31 May 2015 thru 6 September 2015 (estimated)

The southern part of the map was opened, giving rise to realms such as Arrakesh,The Kingdom of the Asrians, Doarhus, and the Sarantian Empire. .

Year 5

21 February 2015 thru 30 May 2015 (estimated)

Year 4

14 November 2014 thru 20 February 2015 (estimated)

Year 4 saw the maps of the world once again expand to include more territory, with all land in the northeast portion of the map being opened up, along with a small section of darkness separate Ascalon from Rathgar proper.

Year 3

7 August 2014 thru 13 November 2014 (estimated) Nothing seems to be written. Perhaps this should be filled in?

Year 2

15 May 2014 thru 6 August 2014

The second year kicked off with two major events shaking the foundations of two of the oldest realms in the game. First, Rathgar was all but completely disassembled in order to create more conflict internal to the region in order to better balance the military power in the game and to improve the overall mood of the game. Secondly, civil war broke out in the Fading Isles, between the High King of the Isles, Jason Lasar, and the Duke of Iuna, Andrew Calinus. This civil war resulted in the formation of the Republic of the Grand Fate of the Fading Isles, which was assumed victorious some weeks later and quickly rose to be the second largest power in the known world. Another note from the region is that almost the entire noble population of the realm of Prydhain was found dead on the same night.

Year 1

10 Feb 2014 thru 15 May 2014

The First Year in Might & Fealty saw a lot. The world exploded from the three major realms (Erstes Imperium, Rathgar, and Fading Isles) to over a dozen, the palyable area on the map was expanded on several occasions, the first and second Rathgari raids into the Imperium area took place, the IMC was established and later reorganized, Ariamis was formed and became the largest realm south of the Appala Mountains, and the coronation of Bann Aerinia as Emperor of the Erstes Imperium took place. This time frame also included the Guided Start and the beginning of the Public Beta.