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In Might & Fealty there are several constructions that rather than being built in a settlement, are instead built in the region around them. These constructions are referred to as: Features. They include: Bridges, Watchtowers, Border Posts, Sign Posts, Docks, and technically Roads.



  • Requires: 15000 Work Hours, River

Bridges provide the necessary means to cross rivers, even with an army or heavy equipment. They are often important strategic points.


  • Requires: 10000 Work Hours, Coastline

Landing and embarkation location for ships and naval travel. Docks allow travellers to switch between land and ocean travel.

Border Posts

  • Requires: 100 Work Hours, Neighboring Region

Sometimes just a border marker, such as a boundary stone, and sometimes a toll booth and small guard post, no matter the appearance, the border post shows where one crosses into a different territory. Border posts are mostly used as meeting points of roads between settlements.

Sign Posts

  • Requires: 60 Work Hours

Marked with directions, signposts are usually posted near crossroads or intersections. It also works the other way around: Where a signpost is, a trail and then a road often follows, as people follow the direction signs. Sign posts are spots that you can use to build roads to and from.


  • Requires: 9000 Work Hours

The watch tower provides an elevated spot to watch for nearby activity. They do not serve as defensive structures and are not fortified.

Whenever a watchtower is within your spotting distance, you automatically gain access to the towers spotting circle as your scouts use the tower to increase their own range. Watch towers have a spotting range of 1000 m.


  • Requires: Point A, Point B, Cost Varies

Roads are a bit different in that rather than being built up like most structures, they are simply a more advanced path. Either dirt paths or stone pathways, roads (once implement) increase the travel speed of those on them. They are most effective in mountains and marshes, somewhat effective in forests and scrublands, and only slightly effective in grasslands and badlands.

Confirmed levels of Road, and the color they appear on the map, from lowest to highest are:

  • Level 1 - Dirt Track (light yellow)
  • Level 2 - Dirt Road (slightly darker yellow)
  • Level 3 - Country Road (brown)
  • Level 4 - Hard Road (slightly darker brown)
  • Level 5 - Paved Road (gray)

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