Common History

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Many agree that things existed before the Cataclysm, but few agree one what or at what time ranges things existed. The information found within cannot be verified beyond reports or spoken words, and is thus a legend, but it is a mutually agreed upon legend, a common history agreed upon by several realms. Major Events, that should be known by just about everyone, will be bold. Events that you can assume people to know to some limited degree, or possible to be researched, will appear as regular text. Minor or lesser known events, those that other characters wouldn't know, will be italicized.

Dates on this list utilize a "Before Cataclysm" system, and count down as they get closer to present day. For simplicities sake, it is assumed that the Cataclysm took place on 0-60-6 in the game's calendar and the last day of year -1 B.C. on this calendar, thus effectively connecting the two calendars.

Some regional names, like the Corelands for instance, use current names instead of historical names in this list, in order to confer greater understanding.

The Age of Gods

The Age of Civilization

The Age of War

The Age of Sorrow